America, vis-a-vis Russia, should tread softly on ‘war crime’ rhetoric

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he had seen “credible reports” showing Russia was guilty of war crimes in Ukraine. Britain has accused Russia of a “war crime” for an attack that destroyed a hospital and left several civilians dead, including a young girl. US Vice President Kamala Harris has ‘absolutely’ said Russia should be investigated for ‘war crimes’.

War crimes? Or is it just war? America needs to be careful with this rhetoric.

The Nazi euthanasia program against the disabled was a war crime. The Japanese military’s human experimentation, also known as the horror of Unit 731, was a war crime. Mistakenly bombing a facility where civilians were housed? Not necessarily a war crime. Tragic – yes. Tragic and senseless and horrible and ugly and despicable – yes. But such is war. And America must be careful not to take a path that leads to confusion about the necessity of the military, the nobility of American military forces, and America’s right to defend itself. This is a delusional left line of thought.

Any war by itself can ultimately, in the minds and fabrications of, say, leftists who use words as political weapons, be considered a “crime.” Certainly, the targets of war would regard the consequences they suffer as criminal. Yet sovereign nations have the right to wage wars when deemed necessary.

That’s not to say that Russia isn’t a bad player attacking Ukraine.

But it is curious that so many on the left, on the side of globalism, in the service, if not in the pockets, of elitist politicians are so quick to expose Russia for war crimes.

It is up to the International Criminal Court to decide.

In other words: the term “war crimes” has a distinctive meaning.

“The International Criminal Court [is] the only permanent international criminal tribunal with a mandate to investigate and prosecute the international atrocities of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression, [and] is the cornerstone of the international criminal justice system,” wrote The International Criminal Court Project on its “US-ICC Relationship” webpage.

So: isn’t it interesting that the very people who would sell America’s sovereignty downstream to the Chinese, to the World Economic Forum, to the United Nations – isn’t it interesting that these same people are campaigning for the label “war crime” to affix to Vladimir Putin oh so badly, oh so fast? Prematurely, even.

After all, if it is the ICC that determines whether or not war crimes have been committed, shouldn’t there be formal charges that allege war crimes against the party, or parties, alleged to have committed the atrocities?

Shouldn’t there be evidence presented – not just a PR campaign? Yes, Putin is really mean. Yes, Putin undoubtedly cares little for the people in Ukraine his army has killed; let alone for the homes and businesses – and hospitals – that he smashed and destroyed. But calling someone an evil SOB isn’t the same as alleging war crimes, and it’s certainly not the same as bringing war crimes charges to court.

Here, then, is the point of suspicion: Democrats like a good crisis; they never let it go to waste. Democrats also love a good pun; they use language, words and rhetoric more to manipulate the masses than to educate or communicate.

Talking about “war crimes” against the backdrop of 24/7 media coverage of the horrific suffering of Ukrainians a) normalizes the idea of ​​calling someone a “war criminal” who has not yet been charged or prosecuted as a war criminal; b) opens the door for globalists in US politics to discuss the need for the US to join the ICC; and c) blurs the lines between war and true war crimes.

The US military is already under attack from woke leftists who want to purge the ranks of Christians, patriot fighters, constitutionalists, conservatives, Donald Trump supporters who love MAGA. Imagine what the US military would be like if these woke leftists were then beholden to foreign powers who ultimately decided what constituted a war on a war crime?

The left is very sly in its ways and it is as important to pay attention to what is not said as to what is said. The story, after all, matters. Why are Democrats so quick to say loud and clear that Putin is a war criminal? It is the unsaid that disturbs the most. It’s the unsaid that points to a likely deeper strategy – a darker intent – ​​of pro-globalism, anti-Americanism, and begs the question: what do they do now?

Never let a crisis go to waste. It’s not just a simple saying. It’s the whole political manual of the left. And they never attack on one front.

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