Anti-Vaxxer trolled after COVID death


News broke on Thursday that a far-right anti-vax podcaster had died from COVID-19. In death, he is trolled on social networks.

Doug Kuzma was a host of the Frog News Network, a far-right media outlet sponsored in part by Mike Lindell. There, he and other hosts spread misinformation about COVID and the vaccine.

Kuzma often appeared with QAnon catchphrases in the background on her podcast. He was among those who fell ill after attending QAnon’s friendly ReAwaken America conference in December. Conspiracy theorists have baselessly blamed an anthrax attack for the diseases. According to the Daily Beast, his friends believe he caught COVID during the conference.

Kuzma was also reluctant to acknowledge that her illness could be caused by COVID.

“For over 30 years I have suffered from bronchitis,” he posted on Facebook on December 14, before conceding: “It has symptoms very similar to the ones we know.”

The next day he complained of additional symptoms but remained optimistic.

He later said he had a fever and suggested he needed a Z-Pak. One commentator urged him to get tested for COVID.

Kuzma refused.

“I will die at home before I go to the hospital,” he replied.

Kuzma eventually admitted he had COVID. “I have, my God, I hate to say it, COVID,” he said on December 21.

On Christmas Eve, Lin Wood wrote on Telegram that Kuzma was in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

“Doug has taken a turn for the worse,” Wood wrote. “His lungs are not responding to treatment.”

Kuzma died on Monday. Commentators on the Herman Cain Award subreddit, which lists anti-vaccines dying from COVID, suggested that Kuzma’s death reveals a rift between those who genuinely oppose vaccines and those who simply claim it.

“There seems to be a rift between the television personalities on Fox who know this is just a trick and are secretly vaccinated and the true believers at the radio level,” one wrote.

A number of right-wing radio hosts have died from the virus; Meanwhile, Fox News staff members must be vaccinated.

The news of her death prompted many to dance at Kuzma’s digital grave. Kuzma’s latest YouTube video includes comments such as “Never die on your own.” I should have been vaccinated.

Kuzma’s Facebook page was inundated with memes and other teasing.

“I’m glad he can’t get his message out of killing himself out of stupidity anymore,” one wrote.

Another said: “He died because of the disinformation he spread.”

Doug Kuzma / Facebook

Doug Kuzma / Facebook

Meme posted on Doug Kuzma’s Facebook page after his death
Meme posted on Doug Kuzma’s Facebook page after his death
Meme posted on Doug Kuzma’s Facebook page after his death

Kuzma was 61 years old.

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* First published: January 6, 2022, 2:42 p.m. CST

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