Application and payroll support services for new and applying PSWs and home-based employers

How to Contact the PSW Processing Team at IDD Deschutes County program: [email protected]

New and current PSW and home-based employers, how to navigate state-required payroll application and submission processes: we provide new and current resources to PSWs and home-based employers to complete the tasks you will receive from the state and PPL, click on any bold underlined text to access online tutorials, electronic forms and submit requests for assistance.

Updates and information. Updates and revisions added May 10, 2022.

  • State-required refresher training for current workers:


  • Acronyms and Instructions for Completing State Required Task Assignments:
  • BCUs: Background check unit.
    • A message from the State of Oregon, “If you are applying for a job and your background check is being processed by the DHS Background Checking Unit, you will need an email address. You can complete your authorization and any disclosure for background check on a computer or other device (tablet or smartphone).
    • Application and renewal PSW: after receiving the “Next Steps” confirmation from us:
  • CME: Case management entity. the PSW The processing team is your “local case management entity” and we resolve most eXPRS EVV billing errors:
    • The most frequently requested help topics are:
  • For PSSP billing currently in eXPRS VEV, ‘contact your CME’ is a common error message due to “no service billing authorization found”. To resolve:
    • Click here to submit a billing support request.
    • These third-party entities oversee the CME:
      • The state allows PSSP work and get paid: we assist the PSWs to complete their application in multi-step processes.
      • BVG and the IRS allows work-from-home employer applications so they can hire PSSP. Home-based employers complete their application process when the IRS issues them an EIN.
  • eXPRS: Express Payment and Reporting System hosts the EVV system.
  • VEV: Electronic visit verification.
  • polypropyleneL: Public partnerships (BVG)
  • PSW ABC: Personal Support Worker Collective Agreement
  • CCSO: Oregon Home Care Commission and Trust. Access your benefits and union information

Timesheet Submission Methods

  • Electronic:
    1. click to access electronic timesheet submission.
    2. All empty boxes require information
    3. Click “Upload” and attach all the pages that complete your timesheet submission
    4. Click on the empty box next to “I’m not a robot
    5. Click ‘submit’ to finish
      • Auto-reply email #1 you receive: This confirms that you have “submitted” timesheet images.
      • Auto-response email #2 you receive: we confirm that your requests are approved, or in case of processing errors incurred; we will provide you with instructions for correcting your complaints.
  • Drop box:
  • Overdue timesheet:
    • According to ABC policy, you receive confirmation of a “rejected” timesheet. Remember to resubmit your rejected timesheet for payroll processing dates.

Home Based Employer Application: Complete 1-2 below and submit forms to [email protected]

  1. Employer Responsibilities and Agreement | Employer Solicitation
  2. PPL form: request an Employer application from the third-party entity

PSW Application: Complete 1-2 below and submit the forms with a front/back image of your driver’s license for [email protected]

  1. request a PSW background check
  2. request PSW provider number | Trabajador de apoyo personal (PSW) Acuerdo y solicitud de inscripción de proveedores

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