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San Diego County today joined CAL FIRE and partner agencies at Ramona Air Attack Base CAL FIRE to explain what you can do to prepare for wildfires. Nearly half of the state’s largest and most devastating wildfires occurred in 2020 and 2021, burning nearly 7 million acres. But there are proactive steps you can take to prepare your home and your communities to be more resilient to wildfire impacts.

  • Create a defensible space around your property by maintaining your lawn and removing combustible debris around your home.
  • Reinforce your home by using fire resistant materials for construction, renovation and landscaping to protect your property.
  • Make and share a family wildfire emergency plan. Talk to your neighbors about wildfire safety and plan how the neighborhood can work together before and after a wildfire.

“San Diego County is ready and we are ready to respond to the wildfires,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher said. “Since the devastating Cedar fire in 2003, your county has invested more than $600 million. These investments have improved fire protection and EMS, added staff, fire stations, improved communication, increased training and brush management. We’ve also added more ground and air gear.

Supervisor Joel Anderson said: “Some of the things we can do is really focus on grants to help people harden their homes, which we have done. We all voted to spend $1 million toward this goal. We’ve also worked so that when you need to evacuate somewhere like Ramona, Alpine, or Fallbrook, the roads aren’t restricted. We cut down all the trees along the escape routes, so people have a chance to get out.

The event was the first in a statewide campaign to help Californians prepare for wildfires. The director of CAL FIRE was there to talk and show off some of the agency’s newest gear. He was joined by representatives from the California Natural Resources Agency, United States Forest Service, California Office of Emergency Services, California Military Department, Highway Patrol and CAL FIRE San Diego Fire Chief Tony Mecham.

Chief Mecham congratulated all of the local fire crews, “San Diego County is unique and I believe we are one of the most prepared areas in the United States. And the reason we’re so prepared is because we have a collaborative, cooperative mindset.

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