Biden continues his ridiculous and toxic rhetoric on passing laws

President Joe Biden, the man who has cast himself as a unifying figure, can’t help accusing his opponents of being Jim Crow racists. He continues to cling to a delusional conspiracy theory about voting laws, despite the fact that he has no evidence that people’s votes are “suppressed.”

To cap off Black History Month, Biden again accused Republicans of trying to stop black people from voting. Biden said new voting bills passed in Republican-led states try to prevent “the black vote, when it happens, from even counting.”

Biden continues to do so despite the fact that Georgia’s election law, which inspired his delusional talking points, has actually expanded voting opportunities in the state. Biden called it “Jim Crow on steroids” and lobbied Major League Baseball to move his All-Star Weekend out of Georgia.

Biden was unhappy with this, as he consistently claimed that “voting rights” were under attack. Biden, who was born in 1942, said Monday he had never seen voting rights attacked like they are now. All because Republican-run states believe voters should show ID to vote, which is supported by 69% of black voters.

But Biden, who said in the 2012 election that Republicans wanted to put black people back “in chains,” can’t stop fearmongering. Biden currently hovers around 40% approval. He decided he had to try to get Democratic voters into a franchise panic in order to elevate the Democratic base for the 2022 midterm elections. It’s a strategy Democrats often use, and yet it regularly fails, as most voters recognize that it is a fiction.

But that didn’t stop Biden’s messy rhetoric. Biden, the great unifier, can’t help but claim that his political opponents are racist. Maybe that hits too close to home for him, given that he was friends with pro-segregation Democrats who he now claims aren’t as bad as today’s Republicans.

Demagogic rhetoric will not save Biden’s presidency, the Democratic Party’s congressional majorities, or doomed Democratic bills that seek to abolish voter ID nationwide. But Biden continues to foster divisions and paint half the country as terrible racists. He is as toxic a supporter as we have on the political scene, and he is likely to continue that toxicity over the next three years.

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