Chamber: anti-business rhetoric is holding us back

Here we go again. Two other comments beat the anti-corporate drum, one advocating higher taxes and the other questioning the value of tax incentives for corporations. It’s like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

For nearly two years now, Maine businesses – especially small businesses – have struggled to stay afloat and keep their employees on the payroll, healthy and safe, while still recording profit margins. weaker than usual. Yet some continue to criticize the business world for taking advantage of “loopholes” that simply don’t exist. Others continue to call for tax increases that make no sense.

The fact is, competitive and fair tax incentives and tax rates are essential to Maine’s economic stability and future, and to the success of every hard-working Maine and Maine business owner.

While nothing good can be said of this pandemic, a silver lining is that it has presented Maine with a rare opportunity to attract new businesses and people to our state due to the safety and quality of Maine offers.

Instead of beating the tired old anti-corporate drum, we should be working together to capitalize on the opportunity before us, further promoting all that Maine has to offer, so that we continue to attract new businesses and people Maine’s economy needs.

We must focus on building a stronger economy, one in which every person, family, community and employer in Maine can succeed. It requires an end to the policies and rhetoric that stand in the way of Maine’s progress.

Linda Capara

senior government relations specialist

Maine State Chamber of Commerce


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