Congress President Priyanka Gandhi Vadra matches her brother in rhetoric

Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has decided to follow in her brother Rahul Gandhi’s footsteps in political strategy, even though Rahul Gandhi has not tasted success with his success. While Rahul Gandhi continues to claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working for his 3-4 industrial friends without evidence, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also made the same claim today by claiming that Prime Minister Modi sold Air India to his billionaire friend for a small price.

She made the allegations while addressing the ‘Kisan Nyay Rally’ in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. In a speech that almost sounded like a familiar speech from Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader alleged that Narendra Modi was snatching money from farmers to give to his friends in business. Priyanka Vadra said that farmers are protesting the three new farm laws because they know that when these laws are implemented, all farmers’ income, land, harvest will go to the Prime Minister’s billionaire friends.

Priyanka Vadra claimed that farmers’ incomes decline because the prices of agricultural products are set by billionaires. She said Narendra Modi was making a plot to transfer all farmers’ income to her wealthy friends. She claimed that while the farmers struggled, Modi’s friends were earning thousands of crore a day and claimed that Modi sold domestic assets like airports to his friends.

She further alleged that although the Prime Minister bought two planes for “himself” for Rs 16,000 crore, he was selling Air India for only Rs 18,000 crore to his friends. It is noteworthy that although Rahul Gandhi continues to name Adani, Ambani as friends of Modi, he had not dragged the name of Ratan Tata. But today Priyanka Gandhi added Ratan Tata to the list of “billionaire friends of Modi”.

In almost every third sentence of her speech, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra mentioned Modi’s wealthy friends. She said that not everyone in this country is safe except Prime Minister Modi, his ministers, party leaders and wealthy friends. This is what Rahul Gandhi has been claiming for seven years. This shows that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has chosen to follow Rahul Gandhi’s strategy in his efforts to defeat the government of Yogi Adityanath in the legislative elections next year.

The lies of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

It is noteworthy that, like Rahul Gandhi’s speech, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s speech was also full of lies. Prime Minister Modi did not buy two planes for himself, but the Indian government bought two modern and fuel efficient planes for VVIP travel, to replace the old Air India Boeing 747. It is not Modi’s personal planes, but the property of the Indian government that will be used by the prime minister, president and other senior leaders of the country. In addition, the two custom planes cost around Rs 8,400 crore, not Rs 16,000 crore as claimed by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

More importantly, these two planes were not ordered separately, but were part of Air India’s order for 68 planes passed to Boeing in 2006, during the Congressional government. Two Boeing 777-300ERs were pulled from this bloated order as the Indian government was already considering purchasing new planes for VVIP use. It should also be remembered that Air India’s bad days began after the UPA government ordered it more planes than it needed, burying it in a huge debt burden which it needed. could never recover.

Regarding the deal with Air India, Tata has been announced as the winner of the deal with its offer of Rs 18,000 crore, and with it, the company will also shoulder some of the debt burden. It was a competitive bid and Tata’s bid was the highest, which shows how much the market values ​​Air India. The second offer from SpiceJet chairman Ajay Singh was Rs 15,100 crore. As Air India is heavily in debt, it has always been expected that it will not earn a big price. The government may not make a lot of money selling it, but the Indian government is saving thousands of crore rupees that it has to pay regularly to bail out airlines.

More than half of the planes in Air India’s fleet are leased, they do not belong to the company. Therefore, they are not assets of the airliner.

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