English students at Penn State Altoona give presentations to seniors

ALTOONA, PA – Students enrolled in English class 487W with assistant English teacher Kyle King delivered senior seminar presentations on Thursday, December 9 in the Mountain View room at the Port-Sky Café. The theme of this year’s seminar was “Rhetoric and Literature of Social Movements and Social Change”.

The presenters were:

  • Mary Stewart: “The Narrative Rhetoric of the Slaves and the Escape from the White Editorial Board”
  • Maleah Orr: “Analysis of postings on COVID-19 vaccines and anti-masks on online forums in central Pennsylvania”
  • Timothy Chuhran: “Robespierre, the bogeyman of social movements”
  • Sidra Arshad: “Feminists of color: responses to the whiteness of the second wave”
  • Devin Poplin: “Leadership of pro and anti-ERA social movements at Mrs. America”
  • Jon Ramsey: “The activism of the embodied athletes and the transcendence of the Black Lives Matter movement in professional sport”
  • Deepesh Shrestha: “Using Graphic Novels to Tell the Story of Social Movement Leaders in John Lewis’ March Trilogy”
  • Paige Parris: “Intergenerational and Intersectional Feminism in MOXiE by Amy Poehler!”

The event also included the induction of new members of Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society. The new inductees are Maleah Orr, Carrie Lathero and Whisper Horton.

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