Extremism “to be rewarded” in the Republican primary VA-02

In a desperate effort to win over Bell-backing primary voters, Kiggans has taken increasingly extreme positions that make her ineligible for the general election — like being one of only four Republicans to vote for a $70 million audit of the Virginia 2020 election results.

“Jarome Bell’s national attention and fringe endorsements send warning signals to Jen Kiggans, as she seeks to pass the Republican primary”, said DCCC spokeswoman Monica Robinson. “If Kiggans is lucky enough to qualify for the primary, Virginia voters will find Kiggans ineligible thanks to extremist pressure from the GOP.”

Washington Post: Opinion: Trump’s violent political rhetoric is metastasizing within the Republican Party
March 19, 2022
Editorial Committee

  • “The violent and threatening political rhetoric normalized and encouraged by former President Donald Trump is metastasizing within the Republican Party.”
  • “Silence is complicity. By not speaking out even in response to overt calls for deadly revenge and death threats against political enemies, Republican officials are sending a clear message that violence itself is a plausible, and even acceptable, alternative to debate.
  • “Far from being condemned for violent threats and hate speech, candidates and incumbents are increasingly rewarded. One is Jarome Bell, who is vying for the GOP nomination in Virginia’s highly competitive 2nd congressional district.
  • “He took a major step beyond the lie that Joe Biden stole the 2020 presidential election, calling for anyone found guilty of voter fraud to be put to death in a tweet in September: ‘Audit all 50 states. Arrest everyone involved. Try all participants. Condemn everyone involved. Execute everyone involved.
  • “Now Mr. Bell, who faces fierce competition in the party’s primary in June, has been endorsed by Republican Rep. Bob Good of Virginia.”
  • “Mr. Bell was also endorsed by Republican Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, a rising star in GOP politics nationally despite — or perhaps in part because of — her rhetoric. inflammatory and anti-Semitic.At a white nationalist convention in Florida last month, she said, “We need to build more gallows” to send “traitors.”
  • “History provides ample evidence that rhetorical violence begets real violence. By accepting vile, dehumanizing and bloody rhetoric, Republicans are paving a dangerous road to the future.

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