Facebook India officials convened by parliamentary panel on protecting citizens’ rights and women’s safety

Facebook India officials were invited to appear before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) on November 29 to discuss the topic of protecting citizens’ rights, with particular emphasis on the security of citizens. women on social media / online information platforms.

“To hear the views of representatives of Facebook India on the subject of protecting citizens’ rights and preventing the misuse of social / online media platforms, including a special focus on women’s safety in the digital space, ”indicates the committee’s agenda.

The committee will also hear from officials of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology regarding the protection of citizens’ rights and the prevention of misuse of social / online media platforms, with particular emphasis on women’s safety in the digital space.

The committee will also discuss submissions made by Facebook whistleblower Sophie Zhang, who has submitted several allegations against social media giant Facebook and its politically sophisticated attempt to influence the Delhi 2020 assembly elections.

Top Congressman Shashi Tharoor is the chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on information and technology.

Last week, an Indian parliamentary panel recommended treating social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook like publishers and setting up a regulatory body to oversee them, potentially opening companies to greater accountability for the content generated. by users, according to a Bloomberg report.

The high-level committee made the recommendations as it reportedly considered the personal data protection bill introduced in 2019 that aims to protect user privacy and enforce strict controls on how companies like that Alphabet’s Google and Amazon collect, process and store data.

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