Florida school board candidate wants to ‘hang’ pro-trans doctors

Alisabeth Janai Lancaster has called for gender-affirming doctors to be executed. (Twitter)

A Florida school board candidate won applause when she announced she believed doctors caring for trans children should be ‘hanging from the nearest tree’.

Alisabeth Janai Lancaster is running to represent the Santa Rosa School Board’s Third District in Pensacola, Fla., and delivered a speech Monday (July 18) at a candidates’ forum hosted by the far-right group Gulf Coast Patriots.

Lancaster, a former law enforcement officer, said: ‘The welfare and protection of students is my first priority.

“This is one of the main reasons why I decided to run… I am against any social engineering project, especially [critical race theory] or any ideology that does not belong to the school platform.

“Children should not be burdened by the awakened agenda which leaves a path of destruction wherever it goes.”

After launching gender-affirming healthcare conspiracy theories, the Florida mother and grandmother spoke out against doctors who treat trans children.

She said: ‘Doctors who agree to mutilate these children and prescribe hormone blockers to these children, in my opinion, they should hang on the nearest tree.’

Disturbingly, she was greeted with a round of applause.

Attorney Alejandra Caraballo, formerly a member of the New York Legal Assistance Group’s LGBTQ Law Project and now a clinical instructor at Harvard Law School, share and analyzed an excerpt from the speech via Twitter.

She wrote, “Lancaster began by stating that prayer should be obligatory because the United States is founded on ‘Judeo-Christian principles’.

“It’s clear that she supports a Christian nationalist platform of forcing Christianity on all students, which ties into her transphobia.

“Lancaster went on to launch conspiracy theories about drug companies profiting $1.3 million from every trans child.

“This is a direct line from the Matt Walsh movie What is a woman? said by Scott Newgent. There is no basis for this assertion.

Caraballo pointed out that there was a direct link between the transphobic rhetoric propagated by the American Christian far right and the “calls for genocidal violence”.

She added: “It’s completely predictable, but people continue to be willfully blind to the growing rhetoric against trans people.”

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