Global News Corp boss to appear at media diversity inquiry next Friday

News Corp global director Robert Thomson is expected to appear next week at the Senate hearing on media diversity in Australia, becoming the fourth News Corp executive to do so.

The next in a series of sessions so far this year will take place in Canberra next week, Friday, October 22, which will also see the CEO of the Australian Press Council, Yvette Lamont, as well as the chairman of Country Press Australia , Bruce Ellen, Public Interest Journalism. Initiative President Prof. Allan Fels and CEO Anna Draffin.

Robert Thomson of News Corp


In an article published on The Australian this morning, the publication said that “the investigation has yet to be heard by a number of the country’s largest media organizations”, despite appearances by Nine’s then CEO. , Hugh Marks, Lenore Taylor of Guardian Australia, Win TV CEO, Andrew Lancaster and CEO of Prime Media Group, Ian Audsley to date.

Committee chair Senator Sarah Hanson-Young questioned the timing of News Corp’s recent change in climate change policy, after recently launching a campaign calling for climate action.

“News Corp’s attack on those who advocate for any climate action over the past decade has played a significant role in the lack of climate action we’ve seen in Australia.

“This sudden change came just weeks after Mr. Thomson met Prime Minister Scott Morrison in New York, a meeting which seemed to confirm the warm relationship between Australia’s largest media company and our Prime Minister.”

Hanson-Young also said the committee heard “ample evidence of News Corp’s dominant role in the Australian media landscape and the negative impact this has on our discourse and democracy,” saying it is clear that the company’s media monopoly makes it a powerful political player in Australia.

“The committee will have serious questions for Mr. Thomson about the culture of the organization and the business model News Corp employs both in Australia and around the world, given the evidence we have heard on the handling of women, the use of their platforms for the assassination of individuals and the Covid disinformation shared on Sky News which resulted in the broadcaster being banned from YouTube. ”

Australia’s media diversity hearing first took place in February, after a campaign by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for an inquiry won over half a million signatories.

The hearing was recently recalled after Sky News Australia’s YouTube account received a seven-day ban after the platform found it violated its COVID-19 disinformation policies.

During last month’s hearing, Sky News Australia CEO Paul Whittaker said the initially reported change in News Corp’s editorial policy regarding climate change was “not as advanced as expected.”

Andrew Bolt, a prominent presenter of Sky News Australia, called the 16-page climate page of this week’s News Corp publication “rubbish” and “global warming propaganda” providing political coverage to Scott Morrison, as Guardian Australia reports.

The hearing will also see the appearance of two academics in media studies from Deakin University.

The investigation did not hear from representatives of Seven West Media, ViacomCBS (owner of Network Ten) or SBS and ABC, which are publicly funded.

Last month, News Corp Australia appointed seasoned media professional Pippa Leary as Managing Director, Client Product, reporting to Michael Miller on the executive team.

News Corp Australia has been approached by Mumbrella for comment, but did not respond at time of publication.

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