Google selects 10 Indian startups to form the first cohort of the GNI Startups Lab

Google shortlisted ten startups that will form the first cohort of the GNI Startups Lab, a 16-week catalytic program that aims to help next-generation independent Indian startups achieve financial and operational sustainability. These include BehanBox, Bisbo, East Mojo, ED Times, Headline Network, Main Media, Suno India, The Bridge, The Cue, and The Probe.

The GNI Startups Lab was created in collaboration with the Google News Initiative (GNI), the Echos global innovation laboratory and the DIGIPUB News India Foundation. The GNI Startups Lab India supports high quality reports for local and previously underserved communities.

In a blog post, Google APAC Director of Press Partnerships Kate Beddoe said the 10 startups were chosen from more than 70 applicants from across India. The ten news startups cover a range of types of journalism, including local investigative, broadcasting, policy, data and news organizations that give voice to underrepresented communities.

The diverse cohort includes newsrooms across the country, producing news in languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Malayalam and Urdu, she added. “We are delighted to support these publications through the GNI Startups Lab program and to continue to work with publishers of all kinds, from digital natives to regional media, to support a diverse and vibrant information ecosystem. “


Stated Mission: “Our mission is to make the voices of women and people of diverse genders heard, as they are often relegated to footnotes in the media. Through our analysis of laws and policies combined with reports from the field, our mission is to create useful resources for women and people of diverse genders to be equal participants in Indian democracy.


Stated Mission: “We convert everyday boring news and turn it into dramatic videos, with a captivating opening, a smooth story flow that sometimes comes and goes through the story to make it a cinematic experience but still holding onto. account of the facts, sources to which we share at the end of the video.

Mojo East

Stated Mission: “We are a mobile-centric multimedia digital platform that delivers timely, regional and contemporary news for, by and stakeholders in the region. Our editorial policies prioritize precision over speed, voices over noise, and truth over trends, often at the expense of views, to ensure a credible product that resonates with our readers. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the region and our capacity building efforts, which have helped create a product that stands out from the rest.

ED time

Stated mission: “ED Times is a youth media publication; the # 1 source for in-depth news that matter to millennials. It’s where Indian millennials comment on the news and stories around them, a forum for opinions by and for the very young. We believe in creating responsible news content and trying to change young India’s reading habits. All of our editors are certified in the Digital Journalism course by Reuters & Facebook Journalism Project.

Title network

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to decentralize the news media in India by addressing the asymmetric distribution of power in the hands of the few. We operate a network of citizen journalism platforms in Indian languages ​​that enable underrepresented citizens to publish local news and raise awareness of issues on the ground, while creating a source of ancillary income in the process.

Main media

Declared mission: “We disseminate hyper-local rural news, often ignored by mainstream media, in the vernacular. We launched our pilot project in 2018 in one of India’s most backward regions, Seemanchal, which includes Kishanganj, Purnia, Katihar and Araria districts of Bihar. It shares borders with Nepal and North Bengal. It suffers from annual flooding, distress migrations and the apathy of the authorities. We want to replicate the Seemanchal model of our coverage in other equally backward parts of India. “

Suno India

Declared mission: “Our mission is to be the benchmark platform for credible and well-documented multilingual audio content, comparable to international podcasts. We want to continue to shine the spotlight on underrepresented and underreported stories using audio as a medium, and we want to remain editorial independent. “

The bridge

Mission Statement: “To put it simply, we are the ONLY sports media house fully focused on Indian sports, with a special focus on Olympic sports like no other. Using a wide range of textual, visual and other forms of storytelling, we aim to bring to light all of the stories and people behind it, thereby bridging the gap in Indian sports. We see ourselves as a key part of India transforming into a true sporting nation, one story at a time. “


Stated Mission: “Our mission has always been to bring viewers stories that are overlooked or marginalized by mainstream mainstream media and bring the needed impact through in-depth reporting, unique storytelling and multimedia narration. “


Stated Mission: “The Probe is an independent, ad-free digital news platform. As an independent media outlet, we have the privilege of having unfettered freedom without external influencers, whether commercial or political. Our main areas of intervention: surveys, solutions, impact and development. We believe that our rigor in investigative research and reporting following a solutions-oriented approach is a prime example of public interest journalism.

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