House special election winner Conway is okay with being short-term

His path to minority leader in the state assembly was paved with intrigue. The Visalia Times-Delta reported in 2010 that rumors were circulating that Conway was attempting a “coup” to oust Martin Garrick, the State Assembly Minority Leader. Conway had, at the time, been second in command as Republican caucus chairman. Garrick replaced her after Conway’s alleged rebellion, but not for long. The following month, she was elected as the new GOP minority leader in the state assembly, succeeding Garrick.

More than 10 years later, Conway brushed off rumors reported in a June interview, saying she was just telling a reporter the truth when asked if she had considered running for president. minority in the state assembly.

“That was the big quote: ‘Anyone who says they haven’t thought of it, isn’t telling the truth. Because we all think about it. And it turned into a headline: “Conway thinks about seeking leadership,” she said. “But, you know, I get it. You guys have to sell these stories.

Conway repelled his own coup attempts and remained Minority Leader until his final term. His rule: “If you’re going to shoot the queen, you better kill the queen.”

“I learned a lot in other leadership roles,” she said. “It’s a little theory I call ‘line up your soldiers.’ I never want to go into battle without having my soldiers with me…a leader is nothing without his troops. And so I had a group that was very loyal to me and protected me and stayed with me, so whenever there was a little uprising, we crushed it.

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