How to Fix Instagram Sharing on Facebook Has Stopped Working

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the company has tied the two together to support each other in a number of ways. One of the most valuable ways that Facebook and Instagram complement each other is by giving users the ability to share Instagram images directly to Facebook.

Well, you can share Instagram images directly to Facebook, in theory. Actually, the option is still a bit buggy at times but improving.

If you are having trouble sharing images from Instagram directly to Facebook, here are some things you can try to fix the problem.

You may have linked your Facebook and Instagram accounts long before Facebook bought Instagram.

However, the acquisition changed the system behind the scenes, and functionality that used to work reliably now appears buggy. Still, the integrations seem to be improving over time.

The problem can take two forms. The first tells you that the image was successfully shared but never shows up on Facebook, and the other is that you’re sharing something from Instagram, and it just doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

For personal accounts, you will link Instagram and Facebook from Instagram.

If you also have a business Facebook page, you need to make sure that Instagram has permission to post to your Facebook page.

Instagram shares not showing on Facebook profile

When you share something from Instagram, you see a confirmation saying “Your post has been shared successfully”, and it then appears on your Facebook page. Sometimes you get this message, and nothing shows up on Facebook, and sometimes nothing happens, period. Either way, here are some ways to fix it. Try each process step by step until you solve the problem.

Fix Instagram sharing on Facebook on Android/iPhone

  1. Log out of Instagram and Facebook, then log back in on both. This simple solution often fixes all sorts of issues with apps individually, but it can fix integration issues as well.
  2. Check the link between Facebook and Instagram. Open the Instagram app on your device and tap the “profile icon” at the bottom right.
  3. Tap the “burger icon” (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.
  4. From your profile, choose “Settings.”
  5. Press on “Account Center.”
  6. Then press the “Accounts and Profiles” option.
  7. Verify that your Facebook account appears in the list.
  8. You may also be prompted to log in to Facebook and check the link from there. When you first see Facebook in the list of linked accounts, confirm that it appears in blue with the logo next to it, along with your name associated with your account.
  9. If you tap Facebook, you should be able to log in from Instagram by tapping “Connection.”
  10. If the previous step doesn’t work, reset the link to make sure Facebook is properly authenticated and linked to your Instagram account. Head to the “Account Center.”
  11. Press your “Facebook account.”
  12. Press on “Remove from Account Center.” This will link or re-link your Facebook account to your Instagram account and allow you to share Instagram images to Facebook.
  13. Restart your phone.
  14. Link Facebook to your Instagram account. Access your “Instagram Profile” then the “hamburger icon,” then “Settings -> Account Center -> Accounts & Profiles -> Add Accounts -> Facebook.”
  15. If sharing from Instagram to Facebook still fails, try clearing the app cache on both apps.

Clear app cache on Android to fix sharing issues

If you’re still having trouble posting from Instagram to Facebook on Android, clearing the app’s cache is the last thing you should try. This process can fix issues that have nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram.

On Android, follow these instructions for Facebook and Instagram separately.

  1. Press on “Settings.”
  2. Press on “Apps.”
  3. Press on “Facebook” Where “Instagram”.
  4. To select “Storage.”
  5. Finally, touch “Empty the cache.”

Clear App Cache on iOS/iPhone to Fix Sharing Issues

Clearing app cache on iOS/iPhone does not exist. However, you will reinstall the apps to clear them.

On iOS, uninstalling Instagram and Facebook clears the app cache for both. Follow the steps below for both platforms.

  1. Faucet “Settings.”
  2. Faucet “General.”
  3. To select “iPhone Storage.”
  4. Faucet “Instagram” Where “Facebook.”
  5. To choose “Delete the app.”
  6. Reinstall “Instagram” Where “Facebook” from the App Store.

Instagram shares not showing on Facebook Pages

If you’ve linked Instagram to your Facebook account but you’re unable to post it to your Facebook pages (personal or business), make sure you’ve given Instagram permission to do so. Rather than changing Instagram’s settings like you do when shares aren’t posted to your Facebook profile, you’re changing Facebook’s settings to link to Instagram.

Connecting Instagram Account to Facebook Page on Windows or Mac

These steps apply to both PC and Mac devices, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. Since you’re using your web browser of choice, the functionality is the same no matter what device you’re on. You can even use your mobile browser if you want.

  1. Allow Instagram to post to your Facebook page. On your laptop or desktop computer using a web browser, click Settings” at the bottom left of your Facebook page (no Facebook profile).
  2. Click on Instagram” in “Page settings”.
  3. Click on Connect account on the right side of the page.
  4. Finally, type your Instagram “Username” and “the password,” then click Login.”

The above steps ensure that Instagram is allowed to post to your Facebook page(s).

In conclusion, Instagram and Facebook don’t always get along when it comes to sharing content. However, this scenario is not always app-based, but it can be. Sometimes the cache gets corrupted or gives wrong information, which leads to Instagram sharing problems with Facebook. Other times it’s a problem with the device. Either way, the processes suggested above should fix the problem, whether it’s sharing to your Facebook profile or to your Facebook page(s).

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