How to register for HDFC Bank WhatsApp banking service

Banking has never been easier, and the fact that the majority of major banks now offer even the most basic banking services on WhatsApp is a huge relief for customers.

According to a recent tweet from

Bank, “Smart Chat Assist, 90+ Banking Services, Intuitive AI and more are now in the palm of your hand with the all new HDFC Bank ChatBanking on WhatsApp So drop by and say ‘Hi’ to 7070022222 for a banking experience super friendly!”

How to register for HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking

Step 1. Register

Text “Hi” or “Register” in WhatsApp from your bank registered mobile number to 7070022222 and you will be directed through the registration process. Save the Chat Banking number 7070022222 in your contacts. Enter the last 4 digit hourly password you received via SMS to your registered mobile number.

Step 2: Select from the options

Once registered, you will have the option below to choose from.

  • Account Services
  • Credit card services
  • Request products
  • More Services

Step 3: To check balance, transactions and for other similar transactions, click on “Account Services”. Under the same, you will find the services below and more.

  • Balance inquiry
  • 7 day recent txns
  • Account statement

Note: If you have multiple accounts. Please enter the last 4 digits of the account number for which details are required.

Step 4: Click on required services.

Is HDFC Whatsapp banking safe?

The service is end-to-end encrypted and secure and is offered by

via WhatsApp. However, this service will only be accessible via the mobile number registered with the bank. According to HDFC Bank’s FAQ on its website, “All transactions, conversations and discussions on the new HDFC Bank banking chat are safe and secure. Chat Banking on WhatsApp is safe as all messages are secured with end-to-end encryption. In addition, your account information and your chat are not shared with any person or third party.

Important FAQs to consider according to the HDFC Bank website.

1. Is there a difference between HDFC Bank Chat Banking and HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking?

With All New Chat Banking on WhatsApp you can do so much more now. The new Chat Banking is more intuitive, simplified and offers more digital self-service journeys that can meet most of your banking needs. Discover the whole new way to bank via Chat Banking on 7070022222.

2. Who can use HDFC Bank Chat Banking?

Chat Banking on WhatsApp is for everyone. All HDFC Bank customers can use Chat Banking to get details about their accounts, cards, loans, request new products and services.

3. I am an NRI client. Can I use Chat Banking?

Yes, the new HDFC Bank banking chat on WhatsApp is available even for NRI customers. To avail of this service, NRI customers must use the mobile phone number they have registered with HDFC Bank.

4. How can I stop my HDFC banking chat banking services on WhatsApp?

You can simply tap De-Register on the new HDFC Bank banking chat number and will receive further instructions on WhatsApp on how to unsubscribe and stop the services.

5. I lost my phone. How can I ensure that account information through WhatsApp Banking is secure on my phone?

You must call Phone Banking 1860 267 6161 and advise to unsubscribe.

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