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On December 3, Anchorage Press ran an article titled “In Defense of David Eastman.” In this article, the author, Alaska Independence Party Chairman Bob Bird, uses a derogatory slur, which is used to dehumanize Little People. President Bird uses this insult to describe and insult 70 West Point alumni who have expressed their opinion that Alaska House Representative David Eastman should be expelled from the Alaskan legislature for violating the Constitution from Alaska because of his lifelong membership in the extreme right-wing extremist group, Oath Keepers. Not only did President Bird use slurs and dehumanizing language throughout his defense of Eastman, the President also attacked the media for his portrayal of the murderer, Kyle Rittenhouse. In the same article, President Bird defends Rittenhouse and Eastman. In other words, President Bird defends the use of political violence to silence the opposition.

Eastman attended the January 6 rally that led to the attack on Congress. Eastman describes himself as a proud life member of Oath Keepers. The Oath Keepers are a patriotic militia that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls an extremist group. The leaders and members of the Oath Keepers are currently under investigation, charges and arrests for the group’s involvement in the January 6 attack on Congress. Congress came under attack as it worked to certify the 2020 presidential election, which officially recognized President Biden’s electoral victory. Eastman is a life member of an extremist group that was at the forefront of a violent and undemocratic attack on Congress. A fact that demands the condemnation of all Alaskans who believe in democracy.

Eastman’s membership in Oath Keepers at a minimum warrants a solid legislative investigation. The legislature is forced to investigate Eastman for allegedly violating the Alaska Constitution. Members of the public accuse Eastman of belonging to a group that promoted and participated in a violent assault on Congress. Specifically, members of the public accuse Eastman of violating the Alaska Constitution, Section 12, Section 4, “Disqualification for Disloyalty”. Article 4 states:

“No person who advocates, or who assists or belongs to any party, organization or association that advocates, the forcible or violent overthrow of the United States government or the state will be qualified to hold public office. trust or profit under this constitution.

These accusations should not be taken lightly. Eastman has previously admitted to belonging to Oath Keepers. There are also photos of Eastman at the Capitol on January 6. His membership in Oath Keepers is completely unacceptable and constitutes a violation of the Constitution of Alaska. Equally unacceptable is the fact that the Alaska legislature is not investigating Eastman’s membership in Oath Keepers. The Anchorage branch of the Socialism and Liberation Party (PSL) is demanding that Eastman be expelled from the legislature for his membership in the extremist organization Oath Keepers.

Equally disturbing is President Bird’s defense of Eastman and Rittenhouse. To re-emphasize this point, President Bird defends the use of political violence to silence political opposition. The rhetoric used in his article is unacceptable and incompatible with sound political discourse. Every political organization in Alaska should strive to promote peaceful and democratic political dialogue. President Bird must issue a public apology for his defense of Eastman and Rittenhouse and for his rhetoric.

PSL condemns President Bird’s rhetoric. As Marxists, we believe that all political organizations have a responsibility to promote inclusion and democracy. However, PSL has an obligation to respond and act when elected officials and other public figures use their platforms to promote political violence. As Marxists, we are intolerant of intolerance. President Bird’s article is intolerable.

Going forward, we hope President Bird and the Alaska Independence Party can engage with the community in a more constructive way that encourages all voices and people to participate in Alaska’s democracy. As Alaskans, we should not tolerate undemocratic conduct or rhetoric. Alaska should not be a place that serves as an incubator for political violence and hatred.

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