Isaiah Washington says Patrick Dempsey used racist language

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington claims Patrick Dempsey not only used racist language on set, but was a toxic presence overall.

Old Grey’s Anatomy Star Isaiah Washington recently made several allegations regarding the toxic nature of the set of long-running medical drama, including Patrick Dempsey’s behavior and the use of racist rhetoric.

As reported by Decision maker, Washington has made several statements about Dempsey’s initial behavior, calling him a “total tyrant” without “any remorse.” According to Washington, the star of the series Ellen Pompeo would have “taken $ 5 million under the table” during the filming Grey’s Anatomy “not to tell the world how toxic and mean Patrick Dempsey really was.” Washington left the show in 2007, after playing Dr. Preston Burke for the first three seasons.

“At this point, I was the highest paid person on this show, next to Patrick Dempsey. Apparently it came out, so there was a lot of resentment. I understand that but it was based on my roles and my CV. I can that doesn’t help, “Washington said.”[Dempsey] was called Pilot Poison. No one wanted him on the show. They wanted Rob Lowe. “

Washington continued, “He wasn’t a nice guy from day one. But he liked me and once I had a conversation with him he said, ‘Isaiah, do you know men whites are the masters of the universe? ‘ And I said, ‘Do you really believe that?’ And he said ‘Absolutely.’ “

Washington and Dempsey then got into an argument after Washington confronted his co-star for consistently showing up late for work. Instead of apologizing, Dempsey “assaulted” Washington “three times,” which led to Washington using a homophobic slur that would later lead to him being fired from the show.

“I did what I had to do as a man. And I insulted him,” Washington said. “‘You’re not going to punk me, you’re not going to treat me like a B word and you’re not going to treat me like an F word,” Washington recalled telling Demspey at the time. “I was talking to myself, what we call a mockery and weakness in the schoolyard. I was talking about myself. But I had heard the abuse before, that he had thrown Kate Walsh out a window through anger. That he was terrorizing TR Knight. “

Washington’s troubles apparently started before he was even picked, as the actor claimed he was initially offered money not to audition for Grey’s Anatomy at all. “Initially, I became Derek Shepherd, a brain surgeon. I was paid $ 10,000 not to audition. Or do television. I took the money,” Washington said. However, Washington still auditioned for the role.

“I was called back, read with Ellen Pompeo. She made the executive decision [not to hire me] because she had a black boyfriend she didn’t feel comfortable, “he said.” Now she told me at the restaurant once I was on the show as Dr Burke. I was overwhelmed, it was over. “

Pompeo, who was dating Chris Ivery at the time, brought up the rumors in a previous interview in 2013, saying series creator Shonda Rhimes “really wanted to put a black man in the mix.” She continued, “I didn’t think they were really going to put an interracial couple on the show and I didn’t want him. It was too close to home.”

Source: Decision maker

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