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For a million years, I never thought I’d type something commendable about Liz Cheney. But now she’s been added to my hero list! She spoke the truth about the presidential election result and attacked Kevin McCarthy and other prominent Republicans for pursuing Trump culture and a big lie!

It’s truly unusual to see a replay of a bravely liar ex-guy, even for a ninja who has been paid a fortune to invent a lie after dealing with a ballot that shouldn’t be under the control of justice. Officials – But even the ninjas did not proclaim any fraud or abuse in the 2020 election. In fact, Joe Biden had an even greater voting margin in Maricopa County than was originally recorded by authorities in vote of the electoral college.

Let’s analyze this news flash: Taxpayer money was paid for “scams” when fraudulent audits are called, but not all Trump affiliates found were fraudulent! However, the former Guy was taped ahead of his never-ending rally the following night, claiming that the ninja had in fact discovered that he had won the 2020 election. How can he have the nerve to lay such a lie when the television station only has to capture the images of what he really said?

But that makes this terrifying situation even worse. There are still nightmares at the scene of the riots on the Capitol on January 6. The U.S. Vice President threatens to hang Mike Pence, who is totally loyal to Trump, and sees people who have been building ropes and platforms hanging outside the Capitol that day for the next several months. A nightmare should come to each of us.

The January 6 video gives me chills every time I think about it because September 11 embarrassed me with violent footage and still annoys me. And as people in red caps marked MAGA were hitting the walls, the stairs, the police, and finally the offices of all our elected officials and their staff, I got it in real time. I saw it coming. Destroys and invades his office with the nerve to lift his legs to park at Pelosi’s office.

And we use the marble floor as a private toilet! Senators and Senators lie on the balcony floor, fearing the invasion of hundreds of mad and angry instigators, seeing Mike Pence and his brave officers lead his family out of the genocide to a place of safety. Was here.

While the ex-boy watched it all on TV and made no move to stop the violence. This did not even allow the right federal sector to free the army which could have rescued some victims.

And how could Republicans vote against allowing the Election Commission to investigate and investigate? Who planned the rebellion? Who ordered hundreds of crazy armed protesters to leave the Trump rally and “fight like hell” on Capitol Hill? Who told them that they were just carrying out the president’s orders?

About the person who ordered all the buses to bring the Proud Boys and other hate groups to Washington that day, because the four people closest to the ex-Guy who were actually in the White House on January 6 received the summons. You may know something. Who guided them to the halls and halls of the Capitol? Who asked them to prevent the Vice President from announcing the Electoral College vote?

And who would believe that former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle, who couldn’t even spell “potatoes” correctly, could share the constitutional knowledge that Pence couldn’t freely change the outcome of the presidential election? Is it?

You cannot change the score of an Eagles or Phillies game. Because the team is rooted for victory. And we certainly don’t dare change the polls for national, regional or local elections just because our own candidates wanted to win. Lying about the consequences doesn’t change reality. Someone has to give Trump supporters facts, women, just facts! Or you could make them appear with Pillow’s work!

Bonnie Squires is a weekly communications consultant for Main Line Media News, with access to www.bonniesquires.com. She hosts the television show “Bonnie’s Beat” at

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