Jon Snow’s release marks the end of an era of Big Beast Newscasting | Jon Snow

IIt’s been one of the paradoxes of the year: As viewers continue to hungry for updates on the pandemic – the biggest story since World War II – a multitude of broadcast giants have made their mark. farewell to their usual news slots.

On Thursday night, perhaps the tallest of all, Jon Snow signed his last appearance as the face of Channel 4 News, just days after the last Andrew Marr Show was released on the BBC.

At Sky News, Adam Boulton slipped away in a somewhat quieter fashion after more than 30 years, a departure he linked to what he described as the need of “baby boomers” like himself to. make way for new faces on the screen.

With further retirements in 2021 of longtime regional news figures – Fred Dineage (79) at ITV Meridian and Stewart White at BBC Look East – and imminent reshuffles of much younger figures elsewhere, he It’s no surprise that media watchers view the present moment as a change to keep it.

Factors ranging from the round-the-clock news, to the loss of prestige of evening flagships, the rise of the internet and a push for more diversity have all been linked to a seeming end to the Internet Age. news anchor as a colloquial name. .

Ben Abbotts, a communications consultant, warned it may still be premature to raise the curtain on this age.

“There is this debate, but it is enough to consider the very great notoriety of presenters like Fiona Bruce, for example, to realize that there are still particular figures and faces which are extremely important,” he said. he declares.

Jon Snow leaves Channel 4 News for the last time after 32 years - vidéo
Jon Snow leaves Channel 4 News for the last time after 32 years Рvid̩o

Yet – perhaps echoing a sentiment felt by many who watched Snow’s farewell – Abbotts also referred to a sense of mourning.

“As a news enthusiast since, oh, the day of John Craven on Newsround, I’ve been struggling with this loss of the greats. I grew up listening to the very experienced Dimbleby – one or the other – I relished the familiar Northern Irish beat of John Cole, the BBC political editor at the time, and I spent time when I was younger working on Channel 4 News under Jon Snow, ”he wrote in a blog for Haggie Partners, of which he is a director.

Another media commentator, Raymond Snoddy, suggested that the departure of Marr, Boulton and Snow left Andrew Neil “sort of” as “only one of the great male beasts standing” – although Neil’s future is unclear. after its separation from GB. News.

Snoddy, look back at 2021 in a blogadded: “There are a lot of important women in the broadcast, including Emily Maitlis of Newsnight, Kay Burley of Sky News and Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain, who all know how to skewer a hidden minister. But it still looks a bit like a changing of the guard, or at least the old male guard. “

He also singled out Ros Atkins, a BBC broadcaster sometimes praised for his ability to navigate the challenges and opportunities of social media. Elsewhere at the BBC, Amol Rajan, Faisal Islam and Chris Mason have all been mentioned as possible replacements for Laura Kuenssberg as political editor.

Kuenssberg – already a veteran at the age of 45 – was named as a possible Sunday morning replacement for Marr. Abbotts agreed that she was certainly a runner, but suggested that the former BBC editor-in-chief for North America was the favorite: “I imagine Jon Sopel is feeling pretty comfortable in this. moment.

Meanwhile, at Channel 4 News, Snow’s shoes (or fluorescent tie) are seen as a more difficult – perhaps irreplaceable – act to follow, perhaps even for other stars like Cathy Newman, Matt Frei or Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

As one Channel 4 News contributor who has worked closely with Snow over the years put it: “The next Jon Snow won’t be one of the kids in the newsroom who might feel able to perpetuate. its legacy, because that Legacy is now 750,000 viewers per night.

“Television broadcasting no longer has any influence. There is simply no one coming up now who is going to become a household name just by hosting the evening news. The internet is already creating the next news stars.

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