LETTER: Political rhetoric is not an Iowa value | Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I grew up on my family’s Iowa Heritage Farm, which has been in business for 154 years. Today I manage this farm and own 3 small businesses in Wapello County with my husband. My Iowa values ​​were planted in me by my family and nurtured by teachers and church leaders. They surrounded me with love, and I know that the unconditional love these people gave me is the reason I have always proudly called myself Iowan no matter where I happened to live.

However, the current political climate in Iowa robs us of our basic love of neighbor and seeks to pit Iowan against Iowan. Leading, of course, Governor Reynolds. We recently heard her shake the book ban cage, and her anti-LGBTQ agenda was on full display last session as she sought a bill that would ban LGBTQ athletes from participating in sports. in high school.

Governor Reynolds fails to understand that his fear-based rhetoric is not worth Iowa. It is not based on love. Rather, it is a message carefully crafted and manipulated by outside interests and puppeteers. Iowans need this to stop, and Reynolds needs to seek a mature understanding of 1 Corinthians 13.

Dennis Willhoit, Ottumwa

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