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Nothing politics in a pandemic

I can’t think of a better issue than a pandemic to unite the American people. We are all affected by it equally, we could all welcome the development of a vaccine (as we did for the Apollo landing), and we could all work together in a national effort to fight against its spread by wearing masks, social distancing, and listening to infectious disease experts; because that’s the way to keep us all safe. There is nothing inherently political about a pandemic. We all want to stay alive.

How on earth could anyone waste such an opportunity by turning it into a political problem? Now we have pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine split along party lines. We have vilifications of medical experts and death threats against them for speaking the truth. We have anti-vaxxers dying in record numbers. We have others, also dying, because they simply don’t know which political statements about the vaccine are correct. All of this is totally unnecessary!

Pierre Knepell

colorado springs

Tired of the anti-Biden rhetoric

Thank you David Baker! I am so tired of constant editorials, letters and anti-bid jokes or to deplore how much the country was tremendous under Donald Trump and how terrible things are now.

I know it’s a Republican town but that’s enough. It was four years of madness with Trump with his teeth tweets at 3 o’clock in the morning, his mockery and his insults to all and to all and of course, his constant lies, so yes, do not miss it at all.

For the past 12 to 14 months, the editorial page of the Gazette has been nothing but predictions of doom and gloom, of how America with Biden becomes socialist or communist or Methodist or whatever, like the Baker pointed out, Biden has done an incredible job in his first year despite the complete lack of cooperation from Republicans who put party before country.

If the Trumplicans want to fool themselves into thinking it was all rainbows and unicorns under Trump, fine. But they can’t ignore what he tried to do in Georgia and what he did on Jan. 6 and his Big Lie claim that’s been going on for over a year now. The banners and flags “bets Go Brandon” and the Biden stickers with gas pumps indicating the price by saying “I did that” are just juvenile and stupid, something that a 6 year old child would do. I know nothing can change the mind of a Trumplican, but no matter what you say about Biden, at least he didn’t commit treason.

Benny Terry

colorado springs

The column contained incorrect information

Kathleen Parker in her opinion piece states as fact “Rogan is spreading misinformation about COVID”. This statement is not factual. Rogan interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, who disagrees with some information from the CDC and NIH. Neil Young is not “pro science” if he tries to stifle expert debate on Covid and vaccines.

Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, recently wrote about the very real problem of our country led by a “bureaucratic rule” based on expert claims. He says, “Another thing about experts is that they’re not really committed to finding the truth. Instead, the powerful among them suppress the obvious fact that there is broad disagreement among the experts. There always are. “Our country is in serious trouble if the opinion of the inventor of the current COVID vaccine technology is deemed disinformation without any debate or discussion.”

Parker may want to listen to Rogan’s three-hour interview with Dr. Malone before calling it “misinformation.”

Karen Reder

colorado springs

Put the blame where it belongs

In his opinion article, Cal Thomas hastens to reject the responsibility of the murder of police officers on Liberal district prosecutors, the Democrats and even President Joe Biden. Thomas conveniently ignores the main contributor to violence against the police: the direct correlation between the possession rates of firearms and the homicides committed by the police.

A study published in Criminology and Public Policy noted regional differences in armed violence during the analysis of the shootings of 1,467 police officers, of which 249 were fatal. Other studies have shown that states in the top five for gun ownership had three times the rate of law enforcement homicides, per capita, than states in the bottom five and that for every 10% increase in gun ownership, there were 10 more police officers. killed on duty.

According to the Journal of Urban Health, “Police in the United States are at a much higher risk of being killed on the job than police in other high-income countries. Virtually the only way American police are killed is with guns. Conversely, the police kill more than 1,000 civilians every year, a rate far higher than in other high-income countries. Civilians with high levels of firearms had a much higher likelihood of being shot by police.

If Cal Thomas were truly concerned about making the streets safe for police and the average citizen, he would blame violence where it belongs and push, along with Democrats, for tougher gun control legislation in our country. .

Kathleen Eichinger

colorado springs

The wreckage of the “Old Joe Biden”

In last Thursday’s editorial, I wonder what planet David Baker visited last year. Joe Biden’s criticisms have been justified because of his stupidity. Our border with Mexico is a total mess. He did not fast-track COVID vaccines, unlike President Donald Trump. He pulled our troops out of the war in Afghanistan but failed to pull out all of our equipment. He left billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban.

I wrote a letter to the Gazette after the election I talked about a train accident in 1903 in Danville, Virginia, who became known in song under the name “The Wreck of the Old 97 “. I then said to all the young people who voted for Biden “wait until you have The Wreck Of The Old Joe Biden”. Well, he was shipwrecked. How do you like it?

Eric DesPres


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