‘Long my personal wish’ | C-suite revamp at Stiesdal brings founder back to senior tech role

Denmark’s Stiesdal A/S – the parent company of four next-generation technology companies developing the new floating wind platform, a low-cost thermal energy storage concept, an innovative model of hydrogen electrolyzer and fuel carbon-negative aviation – revamped its leadership team.

Under the “redistribution” role, current COO Jacob Nørgaard Andersen becomes CEO, company founder Henrik Stiesdal moves from CEO to CTO, and commercial director Peder Riis Nickelsen retains the title as well as general management of the company’s subsidiaries. society.

“As well as aligning the formal roles of the company’s leadership team with the day-to-day leadership responsibilities that already exist, the change in role will allow company founder Henrik Stiesdal to focus more on his favorite topics, Stiesdal technologies. [A/S]climate change mitigation efforts.

“It has long been my personal wish to return from a global management role to the technical management role I had at Bonus Energy, later Siemens Wind Power, from 1988 to 2014,” Stiesdal said, in a statement. LinkedIn Publish.

“The changes in roles are in line with what has gradually proven to be the actual distribution of responsibilities within the management team since Andersen joined Stiesdal as COO in June 2021.”

Last year, Stiesdal A/S received a “Three-digit million investment” from PensionDanmark described as “the funds needed to execute our ambitious growth plans over the next few years”.

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