Media Agencies on News Corp’s D_Coded and a World Without Cookies

Lou Barrett, MD, National Sales. (Photo: Jacquie Manning)

Media agencies love what they see with D_Coded, News Corp’s fourth digital marketing event for advertising, marketing and media executives,

This is first party data and consumer targeting with privacy in mind.

This includes Customer Data Platform (CDP), one of Australia’s largest and created in partnership with Foxtel Group, Streammotion and REA Group, which will launch in July.

And buyable video advertising aims to facilitate transactions and directly from advertisers’ video content.

Lorena ChiarellaSydney Commercial Director, UM: “It’s great to see the industry developing solid solutions for the impending cookieless world.

“News’ proposition with 16 million UIDs is extremely strong and will be invaluable to customers who have practiced their first-party data approach.”

Dany Coutinho, Head of Operations at Sillyfish: “With the demise of tracking cookies, brands are really trying to find a way that’s non-intrusive while still targeting people with relevant and useful ads.

“What News Corp is talking about isn’t new, Google and Facebook have been doing it for a while now and have had immense success – from a retargeting perspective as well as lookalike or similar audience research.

“From an agency perspective, we’ve seen great success with these targeting options and campaign objectives.

“With more platforms adopting privacy-compliant methods, I predict digital advertising will be heavily used to drive results at the lower end of the marketing funnel.

Rebecca McKiernanDigital Performance Director, Frontier Australia: “With privacy, data and the cookie pocalypse being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, News’ Customer Match and CDP announcements will (and have) caught the attention of agencies and advertisers.

“While first-party data is a priority for Frontier and our customers, news is sometimes overlooked when it comes to data and targeting capabilities – compared to the Googles of the world – but these products highlight their strength in this space and will be considered for our customer campaigns moving forward.

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