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For the publisher:

Does anyone remember the five-year media attack on President Trump?

If he had two ice cream dips, it was in the news for a week or more. Compare that to the kid’s gloved treatment of the current White House occupant: When will journalists and mainstream media report instead of throwing soft bullets at infrequent, organized press conferences? ?

The American people can see through the pre-established questions and the opportunities they call upon.

• Just yesterday, Biden gave a speech in Michigan telling people they have to pay their fair share of taxes. I wonder what happened to the story of Joe not paying taxes on the millions he paid in speeches?

• His Afghan surrender strategy would have sparked another round of impeachment hearings had President Trump been at the helm

• Where’s the FBI in regards to the Hunter laptop and all of its shady dealings with China and other foreign countries?

• Does the Attorney General think the FBI should get involved with local parents at school board meetings instead of focusing on the real criminals who set towns ablaze?

• How about Hunter “art” rendered?

• The border catastrophe giving illegals the choice to be vaccinated against the Chinese virus at the same time as massive mandates are imposed on American citizens while giving them advantages?

• Charity starts at home – clean up our homelessness problem before inviting thousands, if not millions of illegals.

Dan Markell


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