Memes flood social media after news that Staples Center will change its name

Staples Center is changing its name, and social media users aren’t here.

The arena, one of the most iconic music and sports venues, will become “ Arena” from Christmas Day under a 20-year deal.

After the announcement Tuesday night that Staples Center would lose its famous name, fans channeled their disappointment into the internet’s native language: memes.

On Twitter, several tweets refers to the line from the movie “Coming To America”: “His mom called him Clay, I call her Clay.”

“His mom called it Staples Center. I’m going to call it Staples Center,” tweeted legal analyst Adrienne Lawrence.

Others joked about the form of currency used by to buy the naming rights of the arena.

“Crypto firm bought the naming rights to Staples Center for a record price of SEVEN images of monkeys,” comedian JP Dade tweeted, referring to non-fungible or NFT tokens.

Some, who seemed less attached to the Staples Center title, joked about their distaste for the new name.

“Wow, they did, they came up with a name worse than Staples Center,” podcaster Molly Lambert tweeted.

Others, like actor Zeno Robinson, said the name change was a bit suspect.

“…… I know why, but renaming Staples Center to Crypto. Com Arena sounds like gentrification to me,” Robinson wrote. Creative Producer Sean Yoo summed up what a handful of Angelenos were thinking with a video clip of a man in a Lakers jersey. When asked how he is, the man replies, “Not well, man. I’m not well.”

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