OMMA Director, New Legislative Liaison: Agency ‘Hard Reset’ Needed | Marijuana in Oklahoma

Lawmakers included a mandate last session for the OMMA to have at least 62 compliance inspectors hired by the end of the year, although the OMMA wants to hire more to match what Berry has said is higher than expected license application rate.

OMMA has a memorandum of understanding with the Oklahoma Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control Bureau that allows this agency to use a percentage of OMMA’s license fees to create a specific enforcement unit. cannabis focused on illegal activities.

OMMA will also have six in-house peace officers to work with inspectors and the OBN in situations requiring criminal prosecution.

OMMA will have enhanced enforcement capacities from November 1, when it can issue cease and desist orders for companies in “flagrant” violation, rather than what is often a lengthy hearing process. administrative, Berry said.

There will also be a new Compliance Director who will oversee the implementation of a seed-to-sale tracking system, although this work depends on the outcome of a trial related to state selection. ‘a single supplier, Metrc, for the service. The case is pending in Oklahoma County District Court.

Berry and Brown also revealed that OMMA is creating a series of task forces to hear from other government agencies “that affect the marijuana industry in any form,” such as Oklahoma Water. Resources Board, the Department of Agriculture. and the Department of Environmental Quality.

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