Remembering Bob Saget: a “lovely guy” who “accidentally became hugely famous”

Bob Saget was “a ubiquitous figure in American living rooms,” as Phil Mattingly told CNN on Sunday night.

That’s why Saget’s sudden death at age 65 sparked last-minute news reports, push alerts on phones, and special TV reports.
TMZ broke the news and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida subsequently confirmed the death. ABC cut in “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to report the death of the show’s former host. On CNN, Chloé Melas noted “This one runs so deep” because several generations of fans have connected with Saget through his character Danny Tanner on both “Full House” and “Fuller House”. Melas said she wanted to call her mother to talk to her about the news, the same way so many other people will “deal with this.”
Perhaps Saget co-star John Stamos put it most poignantly on Sunday night: “I’m broken. I’m empty. I am in complete and utter shock. I’ll never have another friend like him. I love you so much Bobby. “

Remembering Bill Carter

CNN media analyst Bill Carter, who knew Saget and interviewed him several times, called the actor “accidentally extremely famous.” Carter said that “in his prime he was playing in ‘Full House’ – and American kids watched him greedily; my kids watched him greedily; we all watched him together, another phenomenon that doesn’t happen [anymore] – and at the same time, he was on “America’s funniest videos”.

“The problem with Bob is that he wasn’t changed by it,” Carter added. “I think he enjoyed how special it was, and, lucky it was… He just took the ride. He enjoyed the ride. He reveled in the ride.”

I also liked this point from Carter: “I’ve written a lot about comedians, late night hosts, in my career,” he said. “And they can be a little difficult,” he laughed. “They can have an advantage, they can be hard to get to know, and you usually can’t find the adjective sweet to describe them. But Bob was a lovely guy. You could tell that in your interactions with him. You could feel C ‘ was a warm guy. He was a lovely guy who had a great career, and he deserved it. “

Saget in his own words

In a 2020 interview with Garin Pirnia for the website Inside hook, Saget spoke of its three-dimensionality in a world where one sometimes only expects two dimensions. “How funny and sweet you are, my biggest compliments,” he said remark. “But then I’m going to watch online and I have ‘I hate you’. So I’m going to block them. If someone says ‘You’re not funny’ they’re wrong. I’m blocking them, they’re gone. . If someone says ‘You’re mean’ I block them they are gone I don’t do anything negative I guess the things I’m most proud of are my dad’s character traits which are funny and nice. “

Funny and sweet – the same traits that came up during our Sunday night coverage on CNN.

The words “I don’t do negative” resonated with me as well. According to local media accounts, he sometimes sung a touring song called “I Don’t Do Negative”. And in this Tweet from December promoting his tour dates, he used that phrase as the name for his tour. “I’m not doing a negative.” Perhaps this is a feeling the rest of us should remember …

Additional reactions

– Candace Cameron Bure, Saget’s oldest daughter in “Full House,” tweeted, “I don’t know what to say 💔. I have no words. Bob was one of the best human beings I have ever had known. known in my life. I loved him so much. ” (Twitter)
here is a collection of other Hollywood tributes. Josh Gad said “there wasn’t a nicer person in Hollywood …” (TV line)
– Matt Grossman observed that “‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ might surprisingly have been one of the most prescient outlets on the evolution of entertainment and social media …” (Twitter)
– Jake Tapper, who interviewed Saget last year, drew attention to Saget’s charitable efforts: “If you feel any sense of loss over the sad news about Bob Saget, I know he would like to that you are considering donating to Scleroderma Research Foundation in memory of his sister … “(Twitter)
– Scott Feinberg called this a “terrible 10-day period,” noting the following deaths since New Years Eve: Betty White. Pierre Bogdanovitch. Sidney Poitier. Marilyn Bergman. Bob Saget … (Twitter)

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