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Let me start by thanking the organizer of this conference and for inviting me as the father of the occasion. In particular, I bring you warm words of encouragement, solidarity and unwavering support from the management and staff of the National Broadcasting Commission.

The theme of this meeting, “The Role of the Media Profession in Democracy in Nigeria”, is very apt. We cannot overemphasize the place of the media profession in democracy. The media are at the heart of the development of any democracy and democratic society.

This has been generally recognized in developed societies as the media has often been described as the fourth realm of the kingdom.

Nigeria, like other democracies, taking into account the role of the media in the advancement of a progressive society, has gone so far as to give it constitutional support. The 1999 Constitution not only guaranteed every Nigerian the freedom of expression and to own, establish and operate any medium for the dissemination of information, ideas and opinions, but also gave the responsibility for the media to monitor governance and hold government accountable to the people.

With this in mind, NBC was created by the National Broadcasting Commission Act Cap N11, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, because the people and government of Nigeria were responding to a global phenomenon, broadcasting around the world had become a critical problem. element of good governance, social and corporate responsibility. This has resulted in plurality in the broadcasting industry.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, as we discuss this today, let us not forget that the media are there to advance our democracy, not to destroy it. The media must deliberately avoid creating chaos, fears and crises by minimizing what divides us and promoting what unites us. Hate speech and false information must be avoided if we are to build a strong democratic society.

The Nigeria Broadcasting Code has cleverly captured some of the essential components of the media profession that could help in this regard.

Section states that media professionals should create and promote political awareness (including information about the electoral process) among the population in order to foster democracy.

The media must instill the spirit of tolerance to all shades of opinion and promote social justice based on the responsibilities and rights of individuals in society.

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