Someone Hacked the Official USS Kidd Facebook Page


A mysterious cyberactor hacked the official Kidd Warship Facebook page last week and offered visitors several live videos of them playing the “Age of Empires” video game.

Although the live broadcasts have since been removed, screenshots taken by your friends from OP show that at least three live sessions were posted on the Kidd page from October 3-4.

“Hahahahaha”, noted the first message at 19:26

“Play the game,” said another livestream legend a few hours later at 11:37 pm.

A third live broadcast began at 5:51 a.m. on October 4.

“POSC,” the hacker wrote, a potential shorthand for “piece of crap computer.”

“You have to get out of the Stone Age, my man,” one commentator suggested as the pirate attempted to build a civilization.

Other commentators suspected that Kidd’s Facebook had been hacked.

“How we wage war in the 7th Fleet,” wrote one.

“When my son comes home tomorrow, he won’t be able to go through this if he’s one of his (sailors),” added a mother.

Kidd is homeported in Everett, Wash., And returned from a deployment to the Western Pacific late last month.

Naval Surface Forces spokesperson Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman told the PO on Wednesday that the ship’s command informed superiors of the page’s hack on October 3.

Officials informed Facebook, but Schwegman said Leviathan’s social media response was hampered by the historic Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outages of October 4, when the platforms were offline for about six hours.

“Due to their own technical difficulties, it took them longer than usual to respond,” Schwegman said in an email. “Once back online (late October 4), Facebook secured the page.”

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Schwegman said the command was not aware of any other recent hacks.

These ordering Facebook pages are typically administered by the chain of command, and officials said they were not aware of any personal pages of the administrators of the hacked Kidd page.

The Kidd hack comes as the Navy and other services hammer home the need for people to secure their social media.

“Social media is an integral part of the Department of Defense’s strategic communications and public affairs missions,” a Navy website says. “Cyber ​​attacks are a real and current threat to the cybersecurity of government social media accounts. “

Still, the services are no stranger to the type of social media account hacking that normally plagues your Aunt Phyllis.

Several US Central Command social media accounts were hacked in 2015, with bad guys posting Islamic State material and threats against US troops.

Other times what appear to have been hacks were just user errors.

The Central Special Operations Command’s Twitter account appeared to have been hacked in April when the words “Afghanistan” and “Islamic State” were tweeted.

Command initially said their account was hacked, but then corrected the course and noted that the administrator “inadvertently tweeted the words while performing a news event search.”

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