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The sequel Speak Out! the posts appear in the July 6-7, 2022 editions of the Journal & Topics.

joy of reading

It’s for Speak Out. I want this added. I just enjoyed reading “Epiphanies” by Reverend Dr. Grice on Wednesday, June 8, “There’s Something About Summer.” He certainly remembers many things that we forget until they are reminded of them. It was such a joy. That’s it. Goodbye.

would be horrified

This is in response to “All They Had”. Our founders would be horrified to see the number of senseless shooting deaths in our country today. They would also be horrified to see that there are no prosecutions or removal of criminals, who do not have guns, from the streets. They would be more horrified to see politicians going after law-abiding citizens who don’t actually shoot anyone. Thanks.

blame the right thing

Why is it always the West that blames the weapon? When Cain killed Abel, God didn’t blame the rock, he blamed Cain. Why then, today, blame the gun when in fact it is the person who fired the gun? Let’s blame the good thing. Thanks.

Get the facts straight

Again, people don’t know what they’re talking about. AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle. The people who made it originally. Come on, let’s clear things up before we start talking.

Well thought

I want to commend the Village of Niles for considering a memorial for the police department and its officers who gave their lives. The sad thing is that there is no real memorial here in Cook County for the over 500 police officers who gave their lives. The city of Chicago is separate, they have their own, and there’s one downstate in Springfield. Other than that, there’s nothing here in Cook County. So, we congratulate Niles and hope that one day they can have one. They originally thought of putting one in Lyon with the land donated by Cook County. Thank you, Jean S., former Cook County Police Officers Memorial Foundation Board Member. Park Ridge, IL.

If only…

If only the Des Plaines Pantry got a dime for every dollar wasted on illegal fireworks in town.

What if?

If all the explosives that exploded in my neighborhood on July 3 had been sent to Ukraine, the Ukrainians could have driven the Russians out of Donbass. Imagine if we “legalized” fireworks in Illinois? At least we can count on Indiana fireworks.

Seems extreme

What do the Taliban in Afghanistan and the American GOP have in common? They both want their countries to be governed according to their religious principles, no matter how extreme.

Not surprising

Money is both the root of all evil and the mother’s milk of politics. I recently read the story of a woman who wanted to run and run for a county clerk position. When she pursued this possibility, the first question she was asked by her local Republican county chairman was, “Do you have $65,000 to run a campaign? Instead of “Here’s how we can help you”, it was “What can you do for us?” She gave up on the idea. No wonder we have so many “no-candidate” spots on the Republican primary ballot. Pritzker spent $90 million on his campaign. We have reached the point where the wealthy can “buy” the political office and political power they desire. We need more talented citizens to get involved, not more money.

imagine the chaos

Such a great feeling knowing that fireworks are illegal. Can you imagine the harmonic chaos if they were legal? What a sad commentary on the state of our community.

Sent to minors

Wow, the $85,000,000 Cubs man is now playing in Iowa. I bet he misses Tokyo.

Feel the “reluctance”

The biggest myth about Des Plaines is that it’s a great place to raise a family. Downtown is anything but – it’s just a dormitory for Chicago workers and people who don’t want to deal with landscaping. The rest of our community is slightly above average. But I’ve come to respect that about us – our refusal to go beyond what other communities have already done. We can take comfort in knowing that nothing revolutionary will ever happen here. So all we’re really doing is playing a how many game with the developers. And we all know how this is likely to end.

rest of us

People complain about Trump. But he’s a businessman, not a politician. He’s run this country like an unawakened CEO would run his company, that’s what politicians and the media can’t stand. But it was good for us.

Save the campsite?

There is no way to save the campsite. They will take your money if you donate. But they won’t report to you or anyone else what they’ve done with the money. Any grant requires a certain responsibility. They just don’t want that. But they know their rights, especially those guaranteed by the First Amendment. It is a tax-exempt religious organization, guaranteed the free exercise of their religious beliefs. What they don’t seem to know and don’t do are their responsibilities: maintaining safe buildings, running their organization according to its true purpose, and making the tough decisions needed now to secure any kind of future. No, the campsite does not want to be saved. They want to be allowed to subsist as a cheap social housing camp in Des Plaines.

Not “absolute”

Your recent Speak Out titled “Other Amendments” tries to say that the Second Amendment is absolute and tries to bolster that argument by saying that other amendments are also absolute. Nothing could be further from the truth. No Amendments are truly absolute and they were not intended to be by the Founders. Your First Amendment right to free speech is not protected if you shout “fire” in a crowded theater because it endangers the safety of others. The Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure does not extend to a situation where a judicial officer believes there is imminent danger. Your Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial has changed over time, as many trials today are anything but speedy. The federal ban on assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 was deemed constitutional and should be implemented again given the insane number of gun deaths currently in our country. Universal background checks and federal red flag laws would also go a long way toward reducing gun violence and deaths. Your reader should study the interpretation of our constitution over the past 240+ years before declaring the amendments “absolute”.

popular wins

How can we believe Electoral College vote totals now that Republicans have poisoned the well and have all their players in place to corrupt an election outcome? It’s time to get back to where the popular vote wins, you know, like they do in a real democracy.

Relief = Tax

As we begin to see the political ads for the Illinois governor’s race, we need to remember a few important points. The current jester who is governor claims to have balanced the budget. It’s thanks to the COVID relief, which amounts to a future tax on all Americans that gave money to Illinois to pay off the debt from all the bad policies here. There have been no policies or spending cuts in our state. Pritzker’s form of communism has cost our state the departure of thousands of great people due to the overreach of draconian COVID policies. Our local businesses were decimated during his shift. As Illinoisans, we deserve better. Better policies, election integrity, job growth and above all the accountability of our elected officials.

Camping memories

When I look at the Methodist campground today, my heart aches. I don’t see or hear anything from anyone who actually grew up in campgrounds. Well, my grandparents have a cabin there and from the late 50s to the first half of the 70s, I spent more time there than at my parents’ during the summer. In addition to my grandparents who lived there every spring and fall, I also had a great aunt and uncle who also had a cabin there. I knew this place better than anything I’ve known since. We had five generations swim in that pool there, and I still remember to this day the smell of the locker rooms and the shower exit to the pool. There were benches along Algonquin in a fenced area where my mom could sit and watch us swim. There was a high dive as well as two low boards. My love for the sound of crickets comes from the many nights spent there. My grandfather created the original memorial gardens in front of the Wesleyan Tabernacle, this is where my older sister wants her ashes to be spread out when the time comes, I want my ashes to be planted like a tree in front of the area where the Pool was used to be located. The playground on the south side of the hotel was great. We would play and then go to the little store and get a treat or a snack. I don’t know what will happen to this historic landmark, but I believe we need to do more to keep it clean and safe for all to enjoy for many years to come.

No respect

So once again the fireworks display at Waycinden Park started in June and will run through August. Don’t bother going to Oakton, just drive to Kinkade and park your vehicle, the show runs here every night until about midnight or 1am. The police know about this problem every year and do nothing about it. We don’t all have 9 to 5 weekends off and some people who live here have pets, kids, seniors and work different shifts. But Waycinden Park’s fireworks king only respects himself.

Think twice?

How about an update on massive cost overruns for Glenview School Dist. 34 construction sites. Perhaps the citizens of Glenview should think twice before giving a blank check to one of our school districts. I guess our taxes will go up to pay for this massive, out of control mess. I bet no one will even be fired for this disaster.

Where are the OTBs?

To: Mayor and Niles Admins: What happened to off-track betting? It was supposed to provide income for our village. What happened? We don’t hear about it anymore.

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