State BJP to double its media panelists | Jaipur News

Jaipur: BJP set to double the strength of its media panelists in the state to effectively advocate the party’s position on various issues at district and division levels. The party has sought recommendations from senior leaders and the names will be shortlisted by the party’s national spokesperson, Sambit Patra. At present, the party has 20 media panelists, mainly based in Jaipur.
The idea of ​​having more panelists was invented by BJP state official Arun Singh based on comments that the failures of the Gehlot government were not properly covered in the media during his last visit. . The party is soon running at full speed on all media platforms, highlighting government failures at all levels as the elections are only two years away.
Party officials said the current panelists have been engaged with state and national media while the party does not have appropriate faces for regional and local media. “The press houses, Facebook pages and Youtube channels managed at regional and local levels have the greatest presence and hold greater credibility with the population. Any local person reporting the facts at the local level finds more connections than the same facts issued at the state level, ”a party source said. The shortlisted panelist will receive training through workshops before heading to the TV studios, as well as training on the use of social media. It will also be an opportunity for the party to find a balance between the state leaders by leaving a place for their representatives.
The Saffron Party proposed its biggest series from November to December from the bloc level to the district and the division to the state level against the deterioration of law and order, broken promises and other issues.


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