Tackling Eating Disorders – Kent Woman Campaigns Against Social Media ‘Trigger’

WATCH: Sarah Saunders reports for ITV Meridian. She spoke to Vicki Butler and Colette Mullins about BEAT

Kent firefighter who overcame anorexia and bulimia – helps others with eating disorders avoid the negative impacts of social media.

Dartford’s Vicki Butler worked with researchers to create an animation – pointing out how to avoid potentially “triggering” online accounts.

Vicki has spent years overcoming eating disorders

At 17, she developed eating disorders – and spent over a decade working to overcome them.

She now realizes that during this time her use of certain social media accounts – hampered her recovery, things like eating culture, before and after comparisons – and sometimes images of extremely low body weight.

“There may be bright spots, but the eating disorder encourages you to follow more trigger stories and relish this toxic environment,” she says.

“If you get these messages all the time it is going to have an effect on you. So just make sure they are useful messages for what you want in your life.”

Vicki worked with the BEAT charity and researchers at Loughborough University to create an animated video – exploring the negative AND positive effects of social media, to help people make their timeline a positive place.

Colette Mullins, of the charity, explains: “Getting away from social media is always a good thing if things get better. Her main goal is to connect people socially and we should use some of those positives more. “

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