Taim Al Falasi from UAE loves doing what she does on social media and earns millions of dirhams


UAE social media influencer Taim Al Falasi at her Dubai residency on June 21, 2021.
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan / Gulf News

Taim Al Falasi, 29, one of the biggest social media influencers in the UAE, always knew what she wanted to do later in life. She just didn’t know it would help her earn millions of dirhams.

Taim, whose full name is Futaim, says she still doesn’t understand what the hype is when it comes to social media. However, she knows she was born for it. And she loves doing what she does on social media.

This explains why Taim Al Falasi is today one of the biggest social media influencers in the UAE. Five minutes after chatting with her, you can see the real person with dreams, goals, and maturity; one who understands that social media is actually serious business.

“I am a city girl. I love people and being with them, ”exclaimed Falasi.

She knew her calling

Working in the media has always been her “thing,” she says.

“I remember when I was eight years old, I stood in front of the mirror pretending to hold a piece of paper in my hand. I imagined I was standing in front of hundreds of thousands of people, anchoring an event. It was the dream I already had at the time, ”she said.

Falasi said her mother, Zainab, was ahead of time to capture her daughter’s interest.

“One day she came to see me with a newspaper. There was an ad in the newspaper for a young presenter. She wanted me to audition for it. I was only eight years old. She handed me the paper and told me I had to go and convince my father. She said she would cover my back if my dad got angry. So I gathered my courage and went to see my father.

However, his father Bakhit Al Falasi was not as encouraging as his mother.

“He threw the paper on the floor. He was very upset that I approached him for this. He said girls this young shouldn’t be in front of the camera or on TV. I immediately looked back to see if my mom was still there to cover my back. But she was gone! Falasi joked.

UAE social media influencer Taim Al Falasi at her Dubai residency on June 21, 2021.

UAE social media influencer Taim Al Falasi at her Dubai residency on June 21, 2021.
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan / Gulf News

Beginning of the “Taim show”

But 10 years later, everything has changed for the better.

“Life has changed so quickly. I grew up and started to see what I wanted to do with my life. For example, I decided that I wanted to study the media. So, without even asking my dad, I signed up for a media course.

Falasi graduated in 2012 from the Zayed Universtiy and immediately launched her own digital magazine called Yolomagazine.

“It was online and there was also a print version,” she said.

Then, in 2013, she started her own radio show and it was called “On air with Taim”.

The name of the show was later changed to ‘Taim show’.

“The show had two seasons and one of them was sponsored as well. It was a real success, ”said Falasi.

“We had about 40,000 pieces for each episode.”

Taim Al Falasi

Taim Al Falasi
Image Credit: Provided

Prepare for YouTube

“Then came a special moment. I worked a lot behind the scenes. So I thought it was time to be in front of the camera. YouTube was there and I thought I should try and do something there. But I wasn’t sure I was in front of the camera. I weighed 113 kg and desperately wanted to lose weight before I could get in front of the camera.

“While I don’t think you have to be at your best to be successful on social media, personally I wanted to lose weight. So I had a sleeve gastrectomy and ended up losing 35kg. told myself I was ready for YouTube.

His first video post

“For me it was a question of going to the Mall of the Emirates. It was a phenomenal post because until then no girl had taken the camera to a mall and filmed themselves visiting stores. It was something so simple, yet so unique.

Her father was unaware of her first blog on YouTube.

The simple but unique video became a hit.

Falasi, however, didn’t make everyone’s fanatic with this first post.

“My mom’s and aunt’s friends thought it was so pointless to post something trivial like going to the mall,” she recalls.

“But I ignored their comments. My mom was on my side and she said that I shouldn’t stop doing what I had started. So I kept blogging and creating content my own way, ”Taim said.

On my YouTube channel, I used to upload content three days a week. But people wanted to see me every day. They wanted to see stories about me everyday. Naturally, Instagram was the way to go. Snapchat was not available at the time so I started posting on Instagram

– Taim Al Falasi

Reach millions of hearts

Taim started experimenting with his blogs. She started blogging about food and travel. They have become massive hits. Her life, as she knew until then, was changing forever.

“People started to recognize me on the street. And all I did was simple things. They were all just normal blogs, ”Taim Falasi said.

Soon she was attending events, visiting new restaurants, trying new cuisines and posting them on social media.

Its social media presence began to expand from YouTube to other platforms.

“Instagram and Snapchat have become my business. I’m so grateful for these two platforms because they put me up there. I realized that entering these platforms was a natural progression. On my YouTube channel, j used to upload content three days a week. But people wanted to see me every day. They wanted to see stories about me every day. Naturally Instagram was the way to go. Snapchat wasn’t not available at the time, so I started posting on Instagram, ”Taim recalled on her path to social media stardom.

Besides the daily blogs, his travel and food blogs have also proven to be a big hit with the public.

She added, “People followed me everywhere and it was such a blessing.”

Today, Taim Al Falasi has 3.2 million followers on Instagram. And thanks to that massive following and the sponsorship that ensues, she’s a millionaire social media influencer.

She enjoys a Snapchat following of around 829,000 while there are 589,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

“I can be a multimillionaire but I spend a lot,” Taim exclaims.

Knowing its worth

“I didn’t know that being on social media could also make me money until my third or fourth post. I went to a restaurant. It was for a food review. I had a meal. plentiful and I left. I posted my review. Three days later I got an email from the owner of the restaurant. He said what have you done? There is a list of ‘waiting for my restaurant!

She swears until then she was unaware of the impact she left on her viewers.

Taim Al Falasi

Taim Al Falasi
Image Credit: Provided

“At the time, the concept of influencer did not exist. It was not part of the culture to influence people. But now I was doing it and I didn’t even realize it. A friend of mine then suggested that I sit down and see how we can make some income from it, ”Taim recounts how she reached the peak of the harvest.

Earn millions

She then signed a contract with Etisalat, one of the biggest contracts of her life. She became the brand’s ambassador for the company.

“Other ambassadors have also been chosen,” she adds.

She said the first thing she did after winning this contract was buy herself a Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet.

And that was just the start.

Today, she owns eight restaurants in the UAE, thanks to the money she earned as a social media influencer. She drives a Mercedes GX460, owns an apartment in City Walk and has invested in other real estate projects.

She also spent a lot on her friends and family. “I like to offer to my loved ones. So if you ask me where I spend the money I earn, a good chunk comes as a freebie. It is a great pleasure for me to give gifts to my loved ones.

Taim Al Falasi

Taim Al Falasi
Image Credit: Provided

Who can be a social media influencer?

“Anyone who is determined, confident and consistent with their blogs and posts can be a social media influencer. It all depends on the ability to harness the power of social media. You can literally do anything, like selling that box of tissues. Consistency is the key, ”she says.

“Personally, I am not a constant person. I’m bored with things. This is what happened to me with YouTube. The last video I uploaded was over a year ago. People want consistency. They want to like and comment on things regularly. Constant posts will make you a blogger. Being an influencer is the next level.

About the family

Taim is one of 13 children. His father Bakhit served in the United Arab Emirates Army. Her mother Zainab worked as a journalist before her marriage.

“So I get my media interest from her. We are six children in all of my mother. I am the third. Salem is my older brother, then there is Rashid who is a popular comedian. In real life, he’s not that spiritual, ”Taim joked.

“The third in line is me. I have three younger siblings. There is Hamda who graduated from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) and came third in physics. Hessa is studying chemistry and the youngest is Zayed who became a hit in my childhood thanks to my blogs.

What future for Taim?

“To be more creative. I am grateful for all the love I have received from people. It is a blessing. I want them to always be happy, ”says Taim.

This is really great news for the army of followers of Taim Al Falasi.


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