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Dear students, teachers and staff,

Summer has finally arrived ! It seems like we’ve been waiting for this warm weather for so long and connecting with our friends and family. While we may also be eager to bring new people into our lives, we need to remain aware of new relationships.

THINK! about how you meet and interact with new people who come into your life. Please reassess the relationship if:

  • You witness an activity with which you do not agree.
  • They frequently ask to borrow money and the amount increases.
  • They ask questions that make you uncomfortable.
  • They start appearing frequently in places you visit.
  • They try to take you places where you are not comfortable.
  • You cannot take them with your other friends.
  • This person’s social media activity is questionable.

I always say: If you have a bad feeling, it’s probably because something is wrong. Trust your instincts.

If you have not yet downloaded the UIC Safe app on your mobile device, I strongly encourage you to do so. This free security tool gives you added security on campus by allowing you to share your location and provides direct access to UIC police and first responders in the event of an emergency.

Stay safe there!

Kevin Booker
UIC Chief of Police

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