This year, Mike Pence should resolve to become our next president.

what if Mike penceMichael (Mike) Richard Pence What My 2021 Inbox Reveals About The 2024 GOP Run Top 10 Republicans Most Likely to Run for President Vice President’s Dilemma: Establishment or Grassroots? FOLLOWING:

    1. Assessed his own political status as 2021 draws to a close?

    2. Considered his bravery on Jan 6th and does he want it as part of his legacy?

    3. Anticipates with fear a Donald trumpDonald Trump Roberts calls for judicial independence in year-end report appointment in 2024?

    4. Believe in New Year’s resolutions?

If any or all of these scenarios hold true, Pence will do the right thing in early 2022 by announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, stressing that his party needs to get rid of Trump and immediately campaigning to bring them back. Republicans to reason.

We haven’t heard much from Pence since the Capitol Riots. He alone kept the republic that day (and that night). If Benjamin Franklin could vote for man of the year, it would be for Pence. The calm face of the then vice president fulfilling his ministerial duty of counting electoral votes that day contrasted starkly with the adorable smoothness of his face for the previous four years as he gazed at Trump with reverence.

On January 6, the good Christian of Pence finally joined the good servant of the Constitution who had sworn to defend himself against enemies, nationals or foreigners. His candidacy would mobilize many loyal Christians who, remarkably, stand with Trump against their better judgment. They want a believer who knows the Bible the right way. They would vote for Pence in 2024.

The good and sane ex-Indiana governor in Pence would also reappear in his campaign, reminding people that government can be the answer, not the problem. Its “hover state” credentials would place it perfectly to bring together not only the Red States, but (depending on who comes to the Democrats) a number of Blue and Purple Midwestern states as well.

As Pence reflects on his future, he might happily look forward to sharing the stage of the debate with Trump. No need to go crazy; instead, he can be an articulate politician shouting out the sheer ignorance of the bully standing at the desk next to his. People from both parties yearn for such simple courage. But that would be easier than when he ignored the death threats on Capitol Hill when he dutifully uttered Joe bidenJoe Biden Roberts calls for judicial independence in year-end report Biden to meet with Ukrainian president Documents show Chinese government collecting a lot of data on Western social media: MORE report The president of the United States.

January 6 is a key date for Pence. Who better to declare the end of the Trump era on this anniversary? He may appear on the anniversary of the riot at a press conference in the farming country of Indiana, emboldened and ready to stave off the inevitable nonsense of Trump’s henchmen. Like Cary Grant in “North by Northwest,” he can hide in the cornfields while they shoot him, then emerge to ward off their evil. He will instantly gain the support of some members of his party and a progressive majority as time goes by and his former boss’s boast becomes as tiresome as it is rotten.

Pence may be thinking that way right now. He has the political skills, the rhetorical ability and the track record to win a Republican convention victory in 2024. He wants his grandchildren to think well of him. He asks forgiveness from the divinity he adores. Everything that is important to him goes in this direction.

Get up, Mike Pence! Resolve to hinder a vile and brutal leader. Re-emerge to restore the reason for your party and the legitimacy of your legacy. You will have good wishes from all who might vote against you in November 2024 and the inevitable support of those in your party who are needed to nominate you that summer.

Pence is a good man – January 6 proved it, at least in constitutional terms. May his conscience, his courage, his voters or even a simple New Year’s resolution push him to honor this date by announcing his intention to represent his party at the top of his list in the next presidential election.

Richard Weisberg is the Walter Floersheimer Professor of Constitutional Law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo Faculty of Law, Yeshiva University and distinguished visiting professor of law at the University of Pittsburgh. He was appointed to the United States Commission on the Preservation of American Heritage Abroad under the Obama administration.

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