Tim Ryan tones down anti-China rhetoric in new ad after backlash

DDemocratic Representative Tim Ryan reiterated his calls to “confront China” in a new campaign ad Friday following criticism of an “incendiary” TV spot he aired weeks earlier.

In Friday’s announcement, Ryan, who is running to replace Ohio Republican Rob Portman in the Senate, calls on Democrats and Republicans to come together to fix the economy and reduce America’s dependence on the US. regard to China.

“We seriously need to cut costs and help people, and that means both sides need to stop wasting time on stupid fights,” he says in the 30-second video. “We need to take on China, fix our supply chains by making things in America, and we need to pass a real tax cut for workers to put more money in your pockets.”


The ad plays on the same economic themes as an ad he ran in late March, but takes a much less combative stance toward “Communist China.” The March TV spot, part of a $3.3 million advertising campaign across Ohio, drew criticism from within its own party for its “incendiary” tone.

“It’s us against China, and instead of taking them on, Washington is wasting our time in stupid fights. China is manufacturing us left and right – left and right,” he says in the clip, a supercut of speeches he gave during the election campaign: “It’s time for us to fight back. We have to fight back. It’s time to fight back.”

New York Democratic Rep. Grace Meng, vice chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, called on Ryan to remove adand the AAPI Victory Fund, a super PAC that supports Asian American candidates, sentenced him to stir up a “racist pedagogy vis-à-vis China”.

“To be an inclusive party, Democrats must not incite hatred or fear just to stoke their base. This is what Trump Republicans are doing and this is why we fight them everywhere,” Shekar Narasimhan, chairman of the political action committee, said in a statement at the time.

Ryan declined to apologize for the announcement. “Ohio workers are the best in the world, and I will never apologize for doing everything in my power to stand up to China and fight for all Ohioans,” he said. . Yet Friday’s ad only mentions China once.

Republicans attacked Ryan as a “fake career politician” in response to Friday’s announcement, saying his votes in Congress created the very economic problems he is now campaigning against, including inflation and the delays in the supply chain faced by companies.

“Here he goes again – saying one thing and doing the other,” Republican National Senate Committee spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow said in a statement. “Tim Ryan says we now have to fix all these problems he helped create, but why did he vote to create them in the first place?”

Although Ryan is seen as a clear favorite in the Democratic primary, leading his closest competitor by more than 20 points in a Hill poll conducted at the end of February, he will face an uphill battle against the Republicans if he wins the Democratic nomination; the Bake the political report calls the race a “lean Republican.”


Campaigning in a state that former President Donald Trump won by 8 points, Ryan has made China and rebuilding American manufacturing a centerpiece of his campaign. In Friday’s ad, he even echoed Trump’s campaign slogan, calling on politicians to come together and “be Americans first.”

Ryan will face Democratic rivals Morgan Harper, Traci Johnson and LaShondra Tinsley in the May 3 primary.

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