Truck displaying anti-Semitic rhetoric causes outcry among Los Angeles residents

A vehicle displaying anti-Semitic rhetoric drove around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood last weekend, sparking a mild outcry among passers-by.

While it wasn’t immediately clear if it was one or more vehicles, a social media video of a truck on various sites showed large hateful slogans painted on canvas draping its sides. , including: “Ann Coulter is right about the Jews”, “Leo Frank raped and killed Mary Phagan” and “Abort the ADL, America’s Unelected Speech Police”.

The Los Angeles Times described the vehicle as a “rental truck”. On May 21, it was spotted parked at a West Hollywood gas station on Santa Monica Boulevard, as well as in the drop-off area of ​​the Beverly Hilton.

The truck drove through Beverly Hills as locals and others attended a biannual spring art show in Beverly Gardens Park.

Meanwhile, in West Hollywood, the truck sightings on Saturday coincided with the city’s LGBTQ celebration of Harvey Milk Day, which commemorates a murdered Jewish gay rights activist and politician.

“Reports [of vehicles displaying anti-Semitic rhetoric] are especially distressing as we celebrate Harvey Milk Day,” the City of West Hollywood said in a statement.

According to Time, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident and has identified the truck’s license plate. The authorities are working to identify who rented it, reports the daily.

On Sunday, the nonprofit watchdog published video line of a truck parked at the Beverly Hilton with one of the two drivers heard saying, “The Nazis are coming!”

The group described those responsible for the incident as “Goyim Defense League white supremacists dressed in Nazi brownshirts”.

This isn’t the first time the group known as the Goyim Defense League (GDL) has worried the Jewish community in Southern California. He was previously responsible for distributing anti-Semitic leaflets around Beverly Hills, Pasadena and other areas.

In a report published on its website, the Anti-Defamation League describes the GDL as a “loose network of individuals bound together by their virulent anti-Semitism… [that] engages in anti-Semitic stunts and schemes to troll or harass Jews. »

Jon Minadeo II, of Petaluma, Calif., is the alleged leader of the anti-Semitic group, according to the ADL.

“Spitting hatred of Jews in our streets”

In the aftermath of the weekend’s events, the City of Beverly Hills said the Beverly Hills Police Department was working with private companies to advise them on how to obtain trespassing letters or temporary restraining orders. against those who seek to harass or annoy their guests.

Reacting to the display of hatred of Jews in her city on Saturday, Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse told JNS: “From my perspective, what happened this Saturday in our city – and apparently , this truck went to our nearby town [West Hollywood]- was disgusting and vile. It was an anti-Semitic truck spitting hatred of Jews on our streets.

Bosse, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, acknowledged that groups like the GDL, from a legal standpoint, have First Amendment free speech rights on their side, but people like her have also the right to push back against hateful rhetoric, she said.

“The more these disgusting animals come out and spit hate,” Bosse said, the more “I’ll get stronger and stronger and fight harder and harder.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department at 310-855-8850.

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