Two Fox News hosts urge viewers to get vaccinated despite anti-jab rhetoric from colleagues


While Fox News has come under fire for some of its on-air personalities, undermining US efforts to get Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus, two of its presenters recently urged viewers to go take the picture.

On Monday on Fox’s morning show “Fox & Friends,” host Steve Doocy discussed the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which is almost entirely concentrated among unvaccinated Americans.

“Well, here’s the thing. And one of the CDC officials said yesterday, look, the pandemic right now is really just about people who haven’t been vaccinated. 99% of those who died were not vaccinated. What they’re trying to do is make sure that everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated is, ”he said.

He then took to Facebook, which has been slow – and in some cases reluctant – to remove anti-vaccination misinformation from its social media platform.

“Unfortunately, and this is apparently one of the reasons Joe Biden and the administration got out last week, the administration is very frustrated,” he said. “They failed to get Facebook to get rid of some of the misinformation. The misinformation is online: the vaccine is killing a lot of people or it changes your DNA or there are little chips. all this is not true.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt discussed the Biden administration’s frustration that rampant anti-vaccination misinformation was contributing to some Americans’ refusal to shoot, after which Mr Doocy went directly to addressed to viewers, urging them to take the vaccine.

“If you get the chance, get vaccinated, it will save your life,” Doocy said.

Later on the show, Fox News medical commentator Marc Siegel was asked to comment on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

“The vaccine works extremely well even against the delta variant, preventing infection 90 percent of the time,” Siegel replied.

The direct encouragement of viewers to take the photo contrasts sharply with the views expressed by popular network experts, especially Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

Mr Carlson, whose highest-rated show in the country, is often filled with conspiracy theories, including those about the white nationalist “great replacement” and accusations that the NSA is spying on him. He also became involved in an anti-vaccination plot, claiming that the Biden administration was trying to “force people to take drugs they don’t want or need.”

The expert also suggested that people who do not take the vaccine “will end up on a government list.”

Another expert who frequently meddles with conspiracy theory, Jeanine Pirro, claimed that the Biden administration’s planned effort to go door-to-door to encourage Americans to get vaccinated was actually “to confiscate your gun, “a totally baseless claim.

Ms Ingraham suggested the door-to-door effort was “frightening” and has often argued that some Americans have “natural immunity” to the coronavirus – a claim unsupported by science – and has been personally involved in it. approval by Donald Trump of hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus. This drug was ultimately found to be ineffective in combating the virus.

The irresponsible parade of conspiracy theories regarding the virus is particularly damaging on the part of Fox News experts, as nearly 60% of the network’s audience is made up of people over the age of 65, who are particularly exposed to the virus.

A Media Matters analysis of the network’s vaccine coverage found that between June 28 and July 11, the network aired 129 segments on the shot. Of these segments, 57 percent included claims that “undermined or downplayed vaccination efforts”.

The network has made efforts to promote the vaccine outside of comments from its “Fox & Friends” hosts on Monday.

The network launched a vaccine-focused public service announcement in February with a group of its hosts urging Americans to “keep fighting” the virus. Another Fox News host Larry Kudlow also frequently mentioned on his show that he took the vaccine and made people understand the importance of taking the vaccine.

“The boom in vaccinations is the best stimulus of all, and the boom in vaccinations will reopen virtually the entire economy,” Kudlow said in March. “We are on the right track. Collective immunity is coming this spring.


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