Undertone launches Uplift Collective, an organized media network that connects minority and underrepresented publishers with engaged and like-minded advertisers


NEW YORK, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Undertone, the leader in smart, high-impact data-driven campaigns, today announced the launch of its latest initiative, Uplift Collective. The pioneering network is designed to connect Undertone’s collection of minority, women and LGBTQIA + publishers – in addition to publishers who are committed to advancing social justice, environmental sustainability and equal representation – with advertisers. In turn, the Uplift Collective enables advertisers and brands to make a real impact through conscious media buying. The publishers of Uplift Collective, which include Her Agenda, SheMedia, Black Southern Belle, and many more, reach over 50 million people worldwide.

“As an African American woman and founder of a lifestyle brand, my goal has always been to support other women through my platform. In particular, women from small rural communities are near and dear to my heart, as rural women Caroline from the south is my home port. I am delighted to be part of Uplift Collective, an initiative that engages, supports and promotes women entrepreneurs, ”said Michiel Perry by Black Southern Belle.

The Uplift Collective consists of both a media network and a marketing support program – with the goal of a 25% increase in income for its members. To further enhance this initiative, the collective’s publishers will receive additional technologies, tools and training, and advertisers will have access to a range of personalized and audience-aligned creative services. Undertone will also donate a portion of the proceeds to charities and organizations selected by the publisher and the company’s partner brands.

“Designed to help create in-demand opportunities for deserving publishers, while providing brands with a simple and effective way to support under-represented communities and global causes, the Uplift Collective is truly a win-win situation,” said said Daniel Aks, president of Undertone. . “I am extremely proud of the Undertone team for developing this highly functional and much needed innovation that will truly make a difference for publishers nationwide.

Undertone has a long history of putting its resources to work for the people and causes that matter most. Undertone employees are encouraged to take 40 hours of paid time off for community service throughout the year and have the opportunity to participate in fundraising campaigns. Through the #undertonecares program, the company identifies an important cause each month, uses social media platforms to inform, educate and engage the public, and ultimately donate to a related charity.

Additionally, Undertone has partnered with Givsly, a social impact company that helps businesses turn their existing resources into social welfare tools to give back to local communities through in-person and virtual events. Undertone was the first sponsor of Givsly’s “Season without Swag” initiative, which raised over $ 350,000 for local charities during the 2020 holiday season.

“When we first started engaging with editors about the Uplift Collective, we were overwhelmed with the positive response and feedback from the community as they confirmed the important need for the network to fill,” said Karla Blanc, Head of the Uplift Collective. “Not only is this a great opportunity to celebrate deserving publishers, but it’s also a tangible way to support their long-term business goals through increased revenue opportunities. “

For more information on the Uplift Collective, visit https://upliftcollective.splashthat.com or write to us directly at [email protected].

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