Western rhetoric intensifies as Olympics hosted by ‘wrong country’ – diplomat – Russian Politics and Diplomacy

MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. Western media rhetoric traditionally escalates when the Olympics are not hosted by countries the Western world would prefer, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Russian Radio on Saturday.

“Traditionally, there are acute periods. In this kind of “seasonality” of the world, there are reference points in the form of the Olympic Games, that is, when the international information environment begins to boil for reasons unknown to an average citizen, especially when the Olympics are not held in the states that the West wants.When they are held in the countries that the West wants, then everything is calm and It’s a celebration of the sport, of the applause, of the preparation, an absolute synergy of effort, she said.

The diplomat pointed out that “as soon as it is reported that the Olympics are being hosted by a country outside of this western circle, and not by those countries which are totally subservient to Anglo-Saxon thinking, everything immediately starts to go wrong. escalate, namely human rights, national issues, regional conflicts and much more.”

“At this point, everything lined up: both the Olympics and the fact that they were hosted by China, which has been declared, as they say, a global enemy in recent years. Other than that, the issue of Ukraine as an instrument of influence or pressure on our country has also escalated, and we get an absolutely unpleasant picture,” the diplomat added.

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