Who is Rich Paul? Meet Adele’s New Boyfriend and LeBron’s Agent

Say “Hello” to Adele’s new leader, Rich Paul.

Jay-Z’s sports agent and protégé was spotted with the British singer in Game 5 of the NBA Finals in July 2021 – two months after he teased in a New York profile that they were “hanging out.”

After their first public outing made waves on social media, a source confirmed to Page Six, “They are [definitely] go out together.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the man who stole Adele’s heart.

He’s a great sports agent.

Rich Paul and LeBron James
Paul and LeBron James have worked together since the early 2000s.
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Paul’s agency, Klutch Sports Group, is part of the United Talent Agency and represents LeBron James, Ben Simmons, John Wall and Anthony Davis, among other NBA players.

He started the agency in 2012, with Forbes reporting that Klutch had received over $ 1 billion in contract values ​​and that the company’s football division represented two of the top three players who were drafted in 2020.

He is going to be an author.

Jay-Z and Rich Paul together
Paul writes memoirs for Jay-Z’s publishing division.
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Paul is writing his first memoir, “Lucky Me,” for Roc Lit 101 – the publishing division of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, the Hollywood Reporter reported in March 2021.

He’s about to write about his childhood in Cleveland and the lessons he learned during his rise to power.

“’Lucky Me’ is more than my story,” Paul told the outlet. “’Lucky Me’ is the story of every young black man who grew up like me. I want to use my story to uplift and inspire those who have gone through this and educate those who haven’t.

He added, “I can’t tell you what it means to partner with my friend and mentor Jay-Z on this project. ‘Lucky Me’ was the name of the book even before I spoke with Jay because his music was the soundtrack of my life.

He wanted to be an athlete.

Tristan Thompson and Rich Paul
Tristan Thompson and Paul attended an All-Star Weekend event together in 2012.
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Paul told The New Yorker in June 2021 that he “really wanted to be an athlete” growing up and played basketball and football.

However, he said that even though his “heart is big” he was “small”, so he changed his passion to become “an entrepreneur and a businessman” who studies the behavior of players.

Paul eventually started selling sports jerseys and met his first customer, James, in 2002 while he was waiting for a flight to Atlanta.

The duo started working together, and the rest is history.

He had a difficult childhood.

Rich Paul in 1993
Paul in 1993.

Paul’s mother, Peaches, struggled with drug addiction, forcing him to live with his grandmother and a great uncle while growing up.

“I was never really angry, but I was definitely protective and I was really sad in a lot of ways,” he told The New Yorker. “Because, as a child, you see other children and their experience with their parents, and you want the same.”

When Paul was at Akron University, his father was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He dropped out of school after the death of his father, Rich Sr., a few weeks later.

“I’ve always wanted to work,” he says. “But I probably would have finished school if my dad was alive. I never wanted to let it down.

James told the post that he believes Paul’s childhood has really helped him in the business world as an adult.

“Many of these children who are put in these situations and recruited, they are first generation money generators, they come from the city center, they come from single-parent or two-parent families, but they come from what we call the hood, ”said the NBA star. “And Rich and I are too, so he can relate to these kids.” There is nothing they have seen that he has not seen, so he is able to have real conversations with them.

He has children.

Adele, Rich Paul
Adele and Paul attended Game 5 of the 2021 NBA Finals together.
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Paul has three children but has never been married, according to the New Yorker.

Adele, for her part, finalized her divorce from Simon Konecki in March 2021. She first filed documents to end their marriage in September 2019 after separating in April. The exes share a son, Angelo.

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